Marvel Replaced Steve Rogers With The Worst Hero Ever

By Chad Langen | Updated

The Punisher as Captain America

The Marvel Universe, both expansive and interconnected, boasts a rich tapestry of characters and stories. One hallmark of the comics giant is the tradition of passing the mantle from one character to another, establishing a sense of legacy. While there have been many instances of such transitions, perhaps one of the most surprising is when Captain America’s mantle is briefly wielded by Frank Castle/The Punisher.

Following the Civil War event, Steve Rogers is no longer Captain America, so The Punisher steps up to replace him.

Starting in 2007, Punisher: War Journal #7 addresses the aftermath of Marvel’s Civil War event. After Captain America is taken away by the authorities, Frank Castle, also known as The Punisher, alters his attire in tribute. He then carries on the Captain America legacy in his own deadly manner.

Given the stark differences in principles between Captain America and The Punisher, the choice to let the latter briefly don Steve Rogers’ Captain America mantle certainly raised some eyebrows. Frank Castle, a former Marine, turned vigilante after the tragic loss of his family to mob violence. As The Punisher, Castle’s primary method is brutal and lethal vengeance against criminals, making him one of Marvel’s most morally ambiguous figures.

On the other hand, Captain America symbolizes hope, justice, and American values. He wields his shield, a weapon, and the symbol on his chest, with a deep sense of responsibility. Steve Rogers avoids killing and bears the weight of guilt if he ever does.

Captain America and The Punisher

Frank Castle, The Punisher, respects Steve Rogers and everything he represents as Captain America, even if the two have drastically different views on how to handle criminals.

Punisher War Journal #7 serves as an epilogue to Civil War. After Captain America gives himself up to the authorities to protect innocent lives and The Punisher modifies his costume to pay homage to Cap, Frank Castle confronts the Hate-Monger, who is inciting racially-motivated violence. The issue navigates Castle’s tumultuous feelings towards a world void of Steve Rogers and his violent approach to dealing with criminals.

Eventually, upon discovering Captain America’s cowl is being used by The Punisher while publicly executing criminals, Bucky Barnes intervenes and convinces Frank to hand it over. Bucky then takes on the role of Captain America until Steve Rogers’ return years later at the onset of Marvel’s Heroic Age event. Meanwhile, Frank Castle reverts to his iconic attire.

Bucky Barnes as Captain America

Marvel’s unexpected decision to place The Punisher, a starkly contrasting character, in Captain America’s role was surprising to fans but offered writers a chance to explore a violent figure maneuvering within the boundaries of Captain America’s dignified legacy. As expected, Castle’s methods as Captain America were far from Steve Rogers’. He was much more violent and far less forgiving.

The Punisher isn’t the only hero that’s taken the mantle of Captain America, with both The Winter Soldier and The Falcon holding the shield at different points in the last 15 years.

While Captain America’s shoes are undeniably hard to fill, especially by someone as brutal as The Punisher, Frank Castle’s short stint as the star-spangled hero highlighted both the core of the Captain America persona and the profound turmoil within Castle himself. The Punisher becoming Captain America, even temporarily, is a testament to the endless possibilities that lie within the interconnected webs of Marvel’s narrative universe. It’s proof that a character’s spirit, ideals, and legacy are always bigger than the person underneath the mask or behind the shield.