Data Is Actually Teaming Up With Lore To Take On Massive Star Trek Threat

Data and Lore fight back-to-back on the cover of the upcoming Star Trek: Defiant #6.

By Michileen Martin | Updated

star trek data
(From the cover of Star Trek: Defiant #6, IDW)

Traditionally, Trek hasn’t been known for delivering the most compelling or popular comic books, but that’s changing quickly. Thanks to the series leading to the crossover event Day of Blood, IDW’s Trek series are hotter than ever. Among other things, thanks to previews from, we know the cover of the upcoming Star Trek: Defiant #6 hints at a rare team-up between the androids Data and Lore.

You can see the cover of Defiant #6 below.

star trek data
Star Trek: Defiant #6 (IDW)

The cover shows the pair back-to-back, fighting off approaching Klingons. These are no doubt Red Path followers of the Klingon Emperor Kahless who has embarked on a quest to destroy all the gods of the galaxy — such as the crystalline entities, the Bajoran Prophets, and the Q. It’s his quest that kicks off the events of both the current Star Trek comic and its spinoff Star Trek: Defiant.

There have been Trek comics from different companies — Marvel, DC, Whitman, Titan, Dark Horse, and IDW to name just a few — since the late 1960s, but Day of Blood is the first crossover event of its type in the comic book arm of the franchise. The five-part crossover kicks off in the July one-shot Star Trek: Day of Blood #1 and will continue in August and September in subsequent issues of Star Trek and Defiant.

star trek
Star Trek #11 (IDW)
star trek
Star Trek: Day of Blood #1

The current Star Trek comic opens with The Prophets sending Ben Sisko back to the Federation specifically to stop Kahless, and it’s aboard the U.S.S. Theseus that Sisko commands a crew that includes his son Jake, Tom Paris of Voyager, Data and Beverly Crusher of TNG, Montgomery Scott from The Original Series, and even the Bajoran officer Shaxs from Lower Decks. Worf is briefly a part of the crew, but that changes when he learns his son Alexander has joined the ranks of Kahless’ followers.

Striking out on his own in Star Trek: Defiant, Worf recruits the older Ambassador Spock and B’Elanna Torres of Voyager. Along with securing the services of TNG‘s Lore, he also gets help from his future Starfleet Intelligence commanding officer Ro Laren.

One of the most brilliant aspects of the current Trek comics is that they’re able to bring together characters from all across the franchise without any (further) time travel shenanigans. The comics are set between the events of 1998’s Star Trek: Insurrection and 2002’s Nemesis. As a Vulcan, Spock has a longer lifespan than humans so there’s nothing surprising about him being alive at this point, and Scotty was brought to the TNG era in the Season 7 episode “Relics.”

star trek
James Doohan and Patrick Stewart in TNG‘s “Relics

One of the things fans are no doubt looking forward to in Day of Blood is a reunion between Scotty and Spock. While we’ve known since “Relics” that both are alive in the TNG era, we’ve never seen them interact with each other during that time. Then there’s the possibility we could get an answer to whether or not either know that their old friend James Kirk was briefly in that time as well during the events of 1994’s Star Trek: Generations.

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