Political Biopic On Streaming Exposes The Shocking True Story Of The Presidency

The modern state of American politics is nearly unrecognizable when compared to the landscape of just a few decades ago. …

3 weeks ago

Michael Douglas Franklin

Michael Douglas Makes American History With Franklin Series

Apple TV+ has scheduled the launch of the new limited series, Franklin, starring Michael Douglas. The Academy Award winner and …

1 month ago

apple airpods

Apple Kills Its Biggest Project Ever, After Decade Of Work

R.I.P. dreams of the Apple electric car. Apple Inc., the world’s second most valuable company according to market cap, had …

2 months ago


The Most Important Cyberpunk Sci-Fi Novel In History Finally Getting Adaptation

Cyberpunk aficionados, your day has come: Apple TV+ has officially announced that it will be developing a series adaptation of …

2 months ago

netflix apple

Netflix Kills Accounts Paying Through Apple

Netflix has officially started telling customers paying through Apple Pay that their accounts will be closed if they don’t switch …

2 months ago


Mind-Bending Sci-Fi Streaming Series Shows The Dark Side Of Modern Life

The gripping 2022 psychological sci-fi thriller Severance is streaming on Apple TV+. Created by Dan Erickson, the nine-episode first season is directed …

2 months ago

the shrink next door

Dark True Story Streaming Series Makes You Question Who You Trust

The 2021 dark comedy-drama The Shrink Next Door is streaming on Apple TV+. Developed by Georgia Pritchett, the eight-episode series revolves around …

3 months ago

jon stewart

Jon Stewart Is Back Where He Belongs

After nearly a decade’s absence, Jon Stewart is finally returning to The Daily Show. Stewart first left as host of …

3 months ago


Sci-Fi Thriller Constellation Releases Haunting Trailer

Though Apple TV+ stands as one of the newest streamers in the growing collection of studios entering the subscription model, …

3 months ago

Epic Sci-Fi Thriller Series Getting Season 3 Even Without Official Renewal

In a surprising development for exciting sci-fi enthusiasts, Apple TV+ appears to have (stealthily) renewed Invasion for a season 3. The tech …

4 months ago

for all mankind astronaut

The Sci-Fi Streaming Series Leaving Others In Its Dust

Pop quiz, hotshot: what do you think is the best science fiction series streaming right now? You might be tempted …

5 months ago

jon stewart

Jon Stewart Canceled, Apple Censoring Comedian’s Controversial Topics?

Jon Stewart’s Apple TV show, The Problem with Jon Stewart has been canceled, citing creative differences. The Hollywood Reporter dropped …

6 months ago

Netflix jojo's bizarre adventure

Netflix Nabs Anticipated Movie From Rival Streaming Service

According to a write-up in The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix has signed a multi-year deal with studio Skydance Animation, including exclusive …

6 months ago

tetris movie

Apple Sued For Millions Over Tetris Movie

Apple is being sued for its recent Tetris movie, per a report from Variety. According to the lawsuit, Gizmodo editor-in-chief …

9 months ago

world war z

Exclusive: World War Z Series In Development, Brad Pitt Producing

The Walking Dead may be over, but there are other zombie franchises out there. According to our trusted and proven …

9 months ago

apple vr

Apple Buying Disney In Landmark Merger?

Some analysts are arguing the best move for both Apple and Disney would be to merge to become a single company.

10 months ago

apple vr

Apple Won Another Huge Legal Victory Over Epic Games

Epic Games’ antitrust challenge against Apple has been defeated in an appeals court.

12 months ago

TikTok To Be Pulled From Apple And Google Stores?

Sen. Michael Bennett has written to Apple and Google requesting they remove TikTok from their app stores.

1 year ago

henry cavill

Exclusive: Henry Cavill Making James Bond Type Action Movie With Matthew Vaughn

After the upcoming Argylle, Henry Cavill will once again collaborate with Matthew Vaughn on another espionage thriller.

1 year ago

apple vr

Apple Is Making The Creepiest Change To Its VR Headsets

Apple VR sets will allow users to switch from reality to VR while copying expressions and showing them via a forward-facing display.

1 year ago

Apple Watch Being Sued For Racism

A lawsuit claims the Apple Watch is racist because a feature does not account for darker skin tones.

1 year ago

bob iger disney

Bob Iger Planning To Sell Disney Off To Another Major Corporation?

An unconfirmed report says Bob Iger wants to open the door for Apple to purchase Disney.

1 year ago


TikTok Is A National Security Risk According To The FCC

TikTok is a beloved and controversial entertainment app, but it might be a danger to national security itself.

2 years ago

phone charger

Your Phone Charger Could Be Permanently Changing

Phone chargers are apparently the single most important issue that the United States government needs to handle right now.

2 years ago

juliana margulies

Julianna Margulies Claps Back Against Criticism She Shouldn’t Play A Gay Character

Juliana disagrees with everyone saying she shouldn’t be playing a gay character.

2 years ago


Fortnite Has Been Banned From Apple’s App Store

Here’s why Fortnite has been banned from the Apple store.

3 years ago

christopher nolan

Christopher Nolan Gets Incredible Demands Out Of New Movie Studio

Christopher Nolan got his new movie studio to agree to insane demands!

3 years ago

apple vr

Apple Just Lost $85 Billion In Value After A Crucial Ruling

Apple lost a hefty chunk of its profitability after a major court ruling.

3 years ago

iphone 14

iPhone 14 Details Leaked And We Don’t Even Have 13 Yet

The iPhone 14 has been leaked even before the iPhone 13 is officially announced.

3 years ago

will smith

A Will Smith Movie Is Facing A Major Delay

Will Smith’s upcoming movie is facing yet another delay.

3 years ago