Bob Iger Planning To Sell Disney Off To Another Major Corporation?

An unconfirmed report says Bob Iger wants to open the door for Apple to purchase Disney.

By Renee Hansen | Published

The newly reappointed CEO of Disney, Bob Iger, who has returned to his position after Bob Chapek took it over only three years ago, is known for his acquisitions. He was integral in several deals, which saw Disney spend an estimated $100 billion for Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and 21st Century Fox. The Wrap reports that an unnamed Disney insider believes a merger between Disney and Apple is imminent. 

In a surprise move, Disney replaced Chapek days after his announcement to cut costs. Bob Iger has agreed to hold the position for two years and appoint a successor; a task he was unable to complete prior to Chapek being appointed. 

This wouldn’t be a huge surprise as Bob Iger is a fan of Apple and was a close friend of founder Steve Jobs. In the past, he has stated that The Walt Disney Company and Apple would have at least been in negotiations if it hadn’t been for the death of Jobs. 

Bob Iger and his wife, Willow Bay, were very close to Steve and Laurene Powell Jobs long before the ne/old CEO first left Disney. Iger’s 2019 biography, The Ride of a Lifetime,”  chronicled the couples spending Hawaiian vacations and holidays in each other’s company. 

All eyes watch Bob Iger as he is known to shake things up at Disney. There are unconfirmed reports that LucasFilm’s president, Kathleen Kenndy, might be fired with Iger’s return. Although she has done many great things in her 10 years in her current position, a few hiccups leave her longevity with the company in question. 

kathleen kennedy
Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy

The newest rumors about a Bob Iger sale of Disney have everyone watching closely. Apple plays things safe, and CEO Tim Cook has done little in the way of acquisitions. But during a recent investors meeting, Cook said that it wouldn’t be out of the question for Apple to acquire a large company. 

Cook stated that they are always on the lookout and have acquired several smaller companies. He went on to say that he wouldn’t count out something more significant if the opportunity presented itself. Apple has done well by taking a chance in the streaming market with Ted Lasso and other projects.

Bob Iger pulled off a great deal for Disney by purchasing Pixar in 2006. Pixar was run by Steve Jobs before Iger’s purchase. This Iger/Jobs deal put Iger on Apple’s 10-member board, and a drastic increase in both companies’ values has been seen since then. 

The unnamed insider is confident this is Bob Iger’s plan for The Walt Disney Company as he is the ultimate dealmaker. The former executive also said this would be a brilliant merger for both companies. 

The estimated price tag for the deal to acquire Disney is $200 billion. This would put to rest the questions of who will take over for Disney upon Bob Iger’s retirement, which will occur after his two-year contract is up.