Netflix Kills Accounts Paying Through Apple

By Jacob VanGundy | Published

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Netflix has officially started telling customers paying through Apple Pay that their accounts will be closed if they don’t switch payment methods. The move is in line with past behavior from Netflix, but it’s still a major inconvenience for anyone using Apple Pay for the subscription. While accounts haven’t been cut off yet, the warning indicates a hard line is being drawn in the battle between streaming companies. 

Apple Pay

netflix apple

Apple Pay is a service that many use to consolidate and expedite their purchases by linking everything to a singular service. This is especially convenient in the streaming age with so many different services with different costs, often being charged at different times of the month. Unfortunately, when services like Netflix stop accepting Apple Pay it becomes less and less convenient. 

Netflix Vs. Apple

netflix apple

This isn’t the first time Netflix has taken aim at Apple Pay, so this change isn’t a huge shock. Netflix hasn’t allowed new members to use Apple Pay to pay for their subscriptions for a long time, but were okay with customers who were already using the service. The current change isn’t so much a new policy as Netflix cracking down on accounts that were grandfathered in. 

The disputes between corporations aren’t limited to just customers using Apple Pay. While Netflix is viewable through a web browser on Apple’s new Vision Pro VR headset, the streamer recently refused to release a customized app for the device. 

Apple TV+

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Part of the reason Netflix may be against customers using Apple Pay on their services is because Apple has become a competitor in the streaming scene. While it’s a relative newcomer compared to Netflix, Apple TV+ has been pushing its way into the streaming wars with original shows like Ted Lasso. As such it makes some sense, that Netflix doesn’t want their customers using a competitor’s service as a middleman to pay for their services. 

Other Disputes With Netflix

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Apple isn’t the only company Netflix hasn’t played nice with. Many other streaming platforms such as Paramount+ and Crunchyroll have started working with Amazon by allowing their services to be accessible through the Amazon Prime app. Netflix, however, doesn’t offer the same link to Amazon, and has been fairly hesitant to work with other streaming companies.

Netflix On Apple

Fortunately, Netflix hasn’t entirely cut itself out of the Apple ecosystem. The streaming service is still watchable on Apple devices, such as the iPhone and Apple TVs, indicating that Netflix is at least willing to work with Apple’s established hardware, if not their software or new hardware. While there’s no sign of that changing any time soon, it is worrying to see streaming companies refusing to work together as it makes things inconvenient for consumers. 

The Streaming Wars


As more and more and companies enter the streaming wars it’s interesting to see how different established streaming services react. While some companies have been willing to work together for the convenience of their shared customer base, others have taken a hard line against working together. It seems that Netflix has made its position on working with Apple clear.