Sci-Fi Thriller Constellation Releases Haunting Trailer

By TeeJay Small | Published


Though Apple TV+ stands as one of the newest streamers in the growing collection of studios entering the subscription model, the service has already begun investing in original content in full force.

The trailer for the upcoming Apple TV+ original series Constellation was just released on YouTube, to an immediate audience of viewers itching to follow the gripping narrative upon release.

The series follows other massive originals from the streamer, including Emmy award-winning outings like Ted Lasso, Black Bird and Five Days at Memorial.

In the trailer for Constellation, Noomi Rapace portrays a NASA astronaut aboard what appears to be the International Space Station.

However, after something goes horribly awry, she is sent crash landing back to Earth in a shocking sequence reminiscent of other space thrillers such as 2013’s Gravity or 2014’s Interstellar.

Once Rapace’s character arrives back on Earth, a number of things seem to be different than how she left them, which serves as the foundation for a growing sense of dread.

In Constellation, Noomi Rapace portrays a NASA astronaut who crash lands back on Earth and a number of things seem to be different than how she left them

At first, Noomi Rapace can be seen explaining to a therapist that a piano has mysteriously taken up residence in her home despite never being there before.

But as the Constellation trailer continues to unfold, things get increasingly creepy, resulting in Rapace questioning whether her young daughter is the same girl she left behind.

Eventually, the trailer reveals a series of hallucinations, dream sequences, or non-euclidian spaces which would make H.P. Lovecraft shriek in horror.

The Constellation trailer reveals a series of hallucinations, dream sequences, or non-euclidian spaces

Constellation also stars Clare-Hope Ashitey, Michel Diercks, James D’Arcy, and Better Call Saul‘s Jonathan Banks. The series is said to be an eight-part psychological drama, set to premiere globally on the Apple TV+ streaming service with an explosive three-episode premiere on February 21.

Episodes will air weekly following the premiere, building toward a thrilling conclusion on March 27.

The series was created and written by Peter Harness, who previously produced and wrote on shows such as Wallander and The War of the Worlds. The eight episodes of Constellation‘s first season hold directing credits from acclaimed filmmakers, including Oscar nominees Joseph Cedar and Oliver Hirschbiegel, as well as Emmy Award winner Michelle MacLaren. The series was shot mostly in locations in and around Germany.

Immediate reactions to the Constellation trailer have been overwhelmingly positive, with nearly 300,000 views amassed in less than 12 hours, and a host of comments from excited fans patiently awaiting the day the first three episodes finally arrive. E

arly reactions specifically see fans incredibly hyped for Noomi Rapace’s performance, as well as the inclusion of Jonathan Banks now that Better Call Saul has concluded. Banks was a fan favorite on the hit AMC series, with many fans across the globe lamenting the fact that he never won an Emmy for his spectacular performance.

With any luck, Constellation may be the series which finally brings in the gold for Jonathan Banks and the rest of the talented ensemble of performers. Many Apple TV+ shows received nominations and wins at the most recent Emmy awards, proving that the streamer is a home for viable candidates.