iPhone 14 Details Leaked And We Don’t Even Have 13 Yet

The iPhone 14 has been leaked even before the iPhone 13 is officially announced.

By Michileen Martin | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Apple is ready to officially announce the iPhone 13 a little less than a week from now, according to cnet, but something happened today that may rock the proverbial applecart. Before Apple could unveil the iPhone 13, an infamous tech leaker is already showing everyone the iPhone 14.

On his site’s YouTube channel, Front Page Tech’s Jon Prosser posted a video leaking what is apparently designs for the iPhone 14. the video opens with a funny parody called “Judge Booty” with Prosser playing at asking permission to leak the phone. He follows this up by explaining what the designs for iPhone 14 show, most of which seem to have been on Prosser’s wish list. You can watch the video below.

Prosser clarifies a couple of important things in the video. First, the designs Prosser received are all in the form of hi-res images, without any kind of documentation explaining what the pictures show. So there are some things that can be guessed at based on the images, but can’t be confirmed. Second, the images leaked are of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, so there will likely be significant differences between the designs and those of the basic iPhone 14 models.

As summed up by BGR, one of the more noteworthy changes in the iPhone 14 is the abandonment of the notch selfie camera in favor of the hole-punch cutout already used by Android. The phone, expected out some time in 2022, will bring back circular volume buttons and a “titanium chassis” will run along the edges of the device. Prosser also says the iPhone 14 will be thicker than most, due to the elimination of the rear camera bump. Instead, the phone’s camera lenses will recess within the rear panel, which will be completely flat.

Front Page Tech created downloadable Augmented Reality or AR versions of the iPhone 14, so that visitors to the site could look at the designs from all angles on their own devices. They also made all the hi-res images available on their site via a .zip file.

iphone 14

As for what’s expected in the iPhone 13 which will be announced on Tuesday, September 14, according to cnet, the changes aren’t expected to be quite as drastic as the leaked iPhone 14 designs. In fact, in at least some cases, the changes go in the exact opposite direction. For example, rather than the elimination of the camera bump expected with iPhone 14, the iPhone 13 will reportedly have an even thicker camera bump. The notch will reportedly be shrunk and the new designs will include new color options. Cnet says one of the rumored color choices will be bubblegum pink.

What’s not expected in either next week’s iPhone 13 announcement or found in the designs for the iPhone 14 are plans for a foldable device. There have been rumors about a foldable iPhone for a while now, and doubtless some were hoping it would be coming in one of the models to be released in the next couple of years. Of course, Jon Prosser notes that none of the designs leaked to his site were final, so who knows?