Apple Is Making Huge iPhone Upgrades

By Rick Gonzales | 3 months ago


While the list of problems Apple is having with their iPhone 12 continues to grow, the company is looking to rectify most of them with some very big changes coming from Apple for their latest iPhone.

In a brand-new video from the popular YouTube channel EverythingApplePro, Filip Koroy reports on information from Max Weinbach – a leaker with a great track record – to reveal the multiple upgrade details for Apple’s iPhone 13. As Koroy reports, the information he is passing along mainly covers the iPhone 13 Pro model, though some upgrades will carry across the entire iPhone 13 roster.

Koroy reports that the new design of the iPhone 13 Pro will have a refined matte back, which will allow for a more comfortable hold. The iPhone 13 finish will reportedly be similar in texture to Google’s Pixel series.


The iPhone 13 Pro is reportedly going to give buyers a 120 Hz ProMotion display using the LPTO OLED technology which has been shown to be very popular and impressive within the new Samsung Galaxy S21 lineup. Not only will Apple be mimicking the S21, but it is also being reported that the 13 will finally bring the always-on display, though “always-on” may not be exactly what it sounds like. Koroy says via Forbes, “Always-On Display will have minimal customizability. [The] Current design basically looks like a toned-down lockscreen. Clock and battery charge is always visible. Notifications seem to be displayed using a bar and icons. Upon receiving, the notification will pop up normally except that the screen will not entirely light up. Instead, it will display just like you’re used to right now, except dimmed down and only temporally.”

Koroy reports that there are three major upgrades coming to the iPhone 13 camera, upgrades which will be for the entire iPhone 13 line. The first upgrade will see Apple introduce an automatic astrophotography mode when users point their 13 toward the sky. This mode is very popular in rival phones, so it is easy to see why Apple decided to include this upgrade.

A second upgrade to the camera is a big one to its ultra-wide camera lens, which will include a new sensor and lens. Third – and perhaps the iPhone 13’s most exciting upgrade – is portrait video. Apple has said this feature in the works for some time, and looks like it might finally be coming to the iPhone 13. Users will finally be able to record portrait videos with the ability to change the depth of field in a post.


The MagSafe magnet, which the iPhone 12 comes equipped with, has the capability to deactivate pacemakers and defibrillators when held close to the chest. With the new iPhone 13, this magnet will now be stronger. The reason for the stronger MagSafe in the 13 is that with the 12, it wasn’t strong enough to securely hold magnetic attachments such as wallets. Apple needed MagSafe to up their holding capability, and apparently, that is exactly what they are doing, regardless of potential lethal risk.

Gurjit Singh, a cardiologist at the Henry Ford Heart and Vascular Institute, commented on this issue, “We were all stunned,” he said via Forbes. “We had assumed that the magnet[s] would be too weak in a phone to trip the defibrillator’s magnetic switch. We believe our findings have profound implications on a large scale for the people who live daily with these devices, who without thinking, will place their phone in their shirt pocket or upper pocket or their coat – not knowing that it can cause their defibrillator or pacemaker to function in a way that could potentially be lethal.” It remains to be seen how Apple will be addressing this potentially lethal health risk.

The upgrades coming to the iPhone 13 look to be massive. In addition to these changes, they will also be seeing other previously reported upgrades, which include a reduction of the notch at the top of the iPhone, tools to help lessen battery drain, as well as increase storage. Apple also plans to bring back their Touch ID to go along with Face ID, making it easier for mask-wearers.


While it’s not yet clear if these rumors are true or not, we will find out with the release of the iPhone 13, which is likely to come out sometime in the fall of 2021.