Amazon Prime Video has become a major player in the world of steaming with massive television shows and franchises.

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sydney sweeney

The Sydney Sweeney Erotic Thriller On Streaming That Will Glue You To The Screen

Ever since bursting onto the Hollywood scene with her roles in Euphoria and The Handmaid’s Tale, Sydney Sweeney has had …

6 months ago

the vast of night

The Sci-Fi Thriller On Streaming Every X-Files Fan Needs To See

The Vast of Night, streaming now on Amazon Prime Video, will be of interest to fans of The X-Files and …

6 months ago

the neon demon

The Keanu Reeves Sexy Thriller On Streaming Is An Unappreciated Treasure

Keanu Reeves is mostly known for taking on lead roles in science-fiction and action epics, but he you may not …

6 months ago

The Jason Momoa Crime Thriller Series On Streaming That’s Way Overlooked

Before he was protecting the seven seas as Aquaman, Jason Momoa ran an illegal prescription drug ring in The Red …

6 months ago

attack the block

The Sci-Fi Invasion Comedy On Streaming That’s A Secret Gem

John Boyega, now a mega-celebrity, began his ascent to stardom with his first significant role in the 2011 low-budget British …

6 months ago

Megan Fox

The Worst DC Superhero Movie Is Now One Of Streaming’s Most Popular

Four years before Josh Brolin made his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut as Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), the …

6 months ago

The Psychological Thriller On Free Streaming That Stephen King Loved

Dive into the intricate web of secrecy and suspense with The Neighbor, a thrilling 2017 drama now available for streaming …

6 months ago

The Animated Shows Dominating On Every Streaming Platform

Few things on Earth are as magical as animation. The form has been entertaining people of all ages for a …

6 months ago

wheel of time

Why Wheel Of Time Replaced Mat Cauthon

The second season of the fantasy TV show The Wheel of Time is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. If …

6 months ago

The Other Fantasy Series That’s #1 On Streaming, Even Though No One Is Talking About It

Despite touting massive streaming numbers according to charts on FlixPatrol, Amazon’s The Wheel of Time seems to be failing to …

6 months ago

star trek 4 chris pine

The Epic Chris Pine Fantasy Movie That’s Now A Streaming Smash

The tabletop game Dungeons & Dragons has inspired numerous film adaptations over the years, with the most recent one being …

6 months ago

The Anna Kendrick Crime Thriller That Takes You Down A Rabbit Hole

It’s time to solve the mystery of what to watch tonight. Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively deliver an exhilarating game …

6 months ago

the librarians

The Underrated Sci-Fi Adventure Series That Deserves A Second Chance

If you love fantasy, adventure, mystery, and shows that blend all three genres up into one heck of a compelling …

6 months ago

The Boys Spin-Off Gen V Trailer: Bloody With A Side Of Puppets

Prime Video has released a new trailer for The Boys spin-off series, Gen V. The clip introduces viewers to Marie Moreau, a young …

6 months ago

wheel of time amazon

Amazon’s Most Successful Fantasy Series Is Now Streaming Season 2

Despite keeping fans waiting for over two years since the thrilling premiere of its first season, Amazon’s The Wheel of …

6 months ago

dwayne johnson the rock black adam

The Dwayne Johnson Action Failure Finding Life On Streaming

Black Adam may have been a financial miss for Dwayne Johnson, but we live in the age of streaming, where …

6 months ago

clive owen

The Best Sci-Fi Movie Of The Past 20 Years Is Now Streaming On Amazon

The 21st century has yielded many great films. One of its very best science fiction films is Alfonso Cuarón’s Children …

6 months ago

superhero franchise
jennifer lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence’s Sexy Raunchy Comedy Is Now #1 On Streaming

Though many of us are familiar with Jennifer Lawrence’s uncanny ability to take on dramatic roles, it’s worth noting that …

6 months ago

jason statham

The Shark Movie Crushing On Streaming That Is A Jason Statham Meg Rip-off

Shark movies, particularly after the immense success of Steven Spielberg’s Jaws, have become a sub-genre of the horror/thriller category, which …

6 months ago

The Dakota Fanning Dark Fantasy Horror Film Finding New Life On Streaming

Dive into the whimsically dark world of Coraline, a captivating stop-motion animated film streaming on Amazon Prime. Directed by the …

6 months ago

the peripheral season 2

The Peripheral Canceled By Amazon After It Was Renewed For Season 2

It’s been months since the major Hollywood studios began their war with the entertainment industry’s actors and writers, and now …

6 months ago

The Boys Gen V Is Coming To Theaters Before It Hits Streaming

It’s no secret that interest in seeing movies in the theater has been on a downward trend over the last …

7 months ago

hugh jackman wolverine

The X-Men And Wolverine Anime Series That Are Almost Impossible To Watch

The Marvel Anime series was a collaborative project between Marvel Entertainment and Japanese animation studio Madhouse. The project aimed to …

7 months ago

john travolta

The John Travolta Comic Book Thrill Ride On Netflix That Deserves A Second Chance

While we may now associate John Bernthal as the anti-hero known as Frank Castle aka Punisher, the comic book was …

7 months ago

M. Night Shyamalan Is #1 On Streaming With A Thriller That Leaves You Guessing Until The Last Minute

M. Night Shyamalan’s creepy apocalyptic thriller Knock at the Cabin is currently knocking out the competition with its effective blend …

7 months ago

New Gladiator Series Will Stream On Multiple Platforms

Upcoming gladiator series Those About to Die from director Roland Emmerich has been picked up by Prime Video across Europe. According to Deadline, …

7 months ago

jason momoa

The Jason Momoa Werewolf Horror Movie On Streaming That Was A Hilarious Flop

These days, Jason Momoa is a superstar of the highest order, playing Aquaman in the DC universe and getting major …

7 months ago

Keanu Reeves Is A Convicted Murderer In A Supernatural Horror Movie On Streaming

These days Keanu Reeves is a leading man’s leading man with multiple massive franchises and just one of the best …

7 months ago

harrison ford jack ryan

You Need To Watch Harrison Ford’s Forgotten Sci-Fi Movie On Amazon Right Now

Fans of both sci-fi and Harrison Ford should check out Ender’s Game while it’s streaming on Amazon. The 2013 film …

7 months ago