The Best Sci-Fi Thriller Series Of The Decade Is Getting Cheaper To Own

By Jason Collins | Published

All six seasons of The Expanse are now available in a Blu-ray box set, and the prices are now plummeting. If you’re a fan of the series and a physical media collector, this Amazon deal is a perfect way to expand your Blu-Ray collection.

One Of The Best Modern-Day Sci-Fi Series

the expanse

Though The Expanse never gained mainstream attention, many would say that it’s undoubtedly one of the best sci-fi shows in recent memory. The IP is based on the series of novels by James S. A. Corey, with its narrative set hundreds of years into the future, following a conspiracy that could propel the entire solar system into war. It’s just as nuanced as the acclaimed Game of Thrones series and even Star Trek, and the adaptation managed to maintain the quality of the novels. With its price down (as of this writing) more than 30 percent, this is a perfect opportunity to grab the series.

What You Get In The Box Set

Please note that we’re discussing a 15-disc Blu-Ray set that offers 2828 minutes (just over 47 hours) of main material. The whole set is currently priced below the $60 mark, accounting for the discount, which is an all-time low for the title.

Of course, physical releases are almost always accompanied by additional material, and The Expanse is no different. The set comes with a few special features, though the amount of additional accompanying material varies from season to season—with later seasons being quite dry in terms of additional perks.

High Ratings For Every Season

The Expanse was well received by the critics and the small audience that enjoyed the show, and its rating on review aggregates never went below 75 percent. In fact, the average rating for all six seasons of the show is just shy of 95 percent, which only attests to its quality and its faithful adaptation of the source material. Unfortunately, the series never managed to garner enough attention from widespread mainstream audiences, mostly due to the struggles it experienced during its run and production.

Fans Save The Show

Namely, Syfy canceled The Expanse after the series’ third season, which didn’t really sit well with the fans, who protested the cancellation and, besides gathering 100,000 signatures for an online petition, also lobbied Amazon Studios and Netflix to greenlight the fourth season.

The fans even organized a crowdfunding campaign that paid an airplane to fly “#SaveTheExpanse” banner around Amazon Studios. The fans were also backed up by celebrities, including Will Wheaton, George R. R. Martin, Patton Oswalt, and Andreas Mogensen.

Purchase The Entire Series On Amazon

Ultimately, the fourth season was picked up by Amazon Prime Video, which also renewed the series for a fifth, sixth, and then final season. It’s important to note that the writers of the novel, who also served as writers and producers on the show, stated that they view Season 6 as a pause in the series narrative rather than a conclusion of The Expanse. The narrative was subsequently continued in a 12-issue comic book series, The Expanse: Dragon Tooth.Given the fact that all major studios and entertainment companies, such as Disney, are moving away from theatrical releases and physical media print, this Amazon deal is the perfect opportunity to score the entire set of The Expanse series for a rather fantastic price.Source: Amazon