Henry Cavill Speaks On Sci-Fi Epic Dream Project In The Works

By Jason Collins | Published

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He might not be the Witcher anymore, but the nerd nation can’t wait to see Henry Cavill as an Inquisitor, or perhaps even a member of the Custodian Guard, in the Warhammer 40K universe. The British actor and one of the best Superman actors ever just gave a brief but positive update on the progress of his Warhammer 40,000 adaptation, which he’s exec-producing for Amazon, insisting that “big things” are happening.

Big Things Are Coming

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“Warhammer is progressing very well,” Henry Cavill said. “Big things are happening, and we are very excited.” He didn’t reveal any other details about the project or the creative team behind it. But if we consider the fact that W40K fans have been clamoring and waiting for a cinematic or television adaptation for decades, each crumb of information is a literal feast, and Cavill’s involvement is the cherry on top.

A Long Time Coming

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The actor’s involvement in the potential adaptation of one of the most stringently guarded IPs has been speculated long before the series was announced since several fans saw Henry Cavill visiting the GW headquarters on more than one occasion. The subsequent announcements in late 2022 revealed that Cavill is attached to a Warhammer 40k adaptation project for Amazon as an executive producer, following a series of announcements regarding his departure from the role of Superman and Netflix’s The Witcher.

Cavill Is A Gift To Warhammer 40K

Honestly, Henry Cavill is perfect for the role, and his involvement could alleviate the problems typically associated with gaming adaptations. Namely, the vast majority of games are really difficult to adapt since the showrunners and filmmakers have to translate the interactive gaming experience into passive watching while retaining engagement with the content. This leads to adding more details that might not be present in the source material. Add the fact that studios often change certain concepts to appeal to the masses, and you get something like Halo.

Henry Cavill’s involvement in the show, as someone who’s passionate about the IP and knows how the entertainment industry works, simply ensures that the IP is adapted to appease the fandom of one of the biggest gaming franchises in the world.

Warhammer 40K Is Bigger Than You Realize

How big is Warhammer 40K? It’s really big and comprises tabletop games, video games, and novels. In fact, the Horus Heresy series, which is a major part of the Warhammer 40K universe that depicts a seven-year-long civil war within the Imperium, comprises more than 50 novels.

Potential For More

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So, there’s plenty of source material for Henry Cavill to draw from and adapt into the series. Assuming that Amazon Prime has the capacity to maintain quality at a reasonable level, we’re potentially looking at several series and their respective spin-offs.

However, all of that depends on the success of Henry Cavill’s adaptation, and if its quality matches that of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, we’re in for a treat. Grim and dark treat, but treat nonetheless.