First Look At The New TARDIS Interior

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

Longtime Doctor Who fans have had the fun experience of getting to see many different actors portray the Doctor, thanks to his Time Lord ability to regenerate into a new form whenever he is mortally wounded. It’s not just the Doctor himself who has been regularly changing over the years, however. While the TARDIS’ iconic blue police box exterior has remained the same from the beginning, the interior of the craft has gone through several iterations as well. The TARDIS is set to get another makeover to go along with the Doctor’s new companion, new outfit, and new opening sequence. The BBC folks have released a picture to give us a first look at the Doctor’s snazzy new control room. Check it out:


It feels only appropriate that the Doctor should give the old girl a facelift. The previous design began with the Amy Pond era, and now that the Doctor is in mourning over the loss of his most recent beloved companion, it’s not surprising that the Time Lord would want to remodel the place so he can move on and begin a new phase of his long, eventful life.

This new TARDIS design looks a lot more streamlined and less “cluttered” than the previous design, which always made me think the Doctor had rebuilt the place with objects picked up at the local dollar store. The new look is also quite similar to some of the older designs for the TARDIS control room during the era of previous Doctors.

Doctor Who’s Christmas episode, “The Snowmen,” is set to air on Christmas Day, both in the UK and here in the States on BBC America.

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