The Toughest Science Fiction Characters Of All Time

By David Wharton | 8 months ago

SunAeryn Sun
I went back and forth about whether to give this slot to Leia from Star Wars or not, but in the end I simply think Aeryn is a better pick. Leia was unquestionably a badass, but she was also raised in the lap of luxury. As a Peacekeeper, Aeryn has been trained and honed into a perfect soldier since she was a child. And then, thanks to accidentally becoming “irreversibly contaminated,” she lost everything she’d ever known and had to build a new life. And not only did she succeed, she helped make the crew of Moya into the stuff of legend across the Uncharted Territories. In the comics, Sun went even further, eventually becoming the leader of the Peacekeepers as a whole. The other women on this list can no doubt hold their own in a fight, but Sun has commanded armies and faced off against overwhelming odds with little more than a scrappy crew of escaped prisoners at her back. There are a lot of larger-than-life personalities in the Sci-Fi Expendables crew, and I have no doubt Kirk and Dutch would constantly be arguing about which one of them was in charge. But it’d take a smart, capable, experienced hardass like Sun to keep them in line and away from each other’s throats.

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