Prometheus Viral Video Recruiting Campaign For San Diego Comic-Con

By Rudie Obias | 9 years ago

The Prometheus gravy train is still chugging along. A new viral video has shown up online which directs viewers to a new website and teases a San Diego Comic-Con campaign. Comic-Con starts up in a few weeks, beginning on July 12th.

This online video appears to be part of a recruiting seminar which will most likely be part of Prometheus’ presence at Comic-Con this year. It features a new Weyland Industries health division employee named Jamie Rossi. She’s a “nanotechnologist in the biomedical field office on Luna.” She describes how wonderful it is working for Weyland Industries and how quickly research projects can get funded by the company. The video also intercuts jarring images and sounds from the movie Prometheus during Jamie’s testimonial. Does this have something to do with the “10.11.12” tag at the end of Prometheus? It seems like there are more questions about the film’s promotional material than the film itself.

At the end of the video, it includes a link to  On the site it only reads “July 2012, Details Coming Soon” and “Recruiting at San Diego Comic-Con.” There are no details about what recruiting will entail, but considering Damon Lindelof is part of the Prometheus family, maybe it will be like the Lost recruiting seminars during 2008’s Comic-Con. Most likely this is all leading up to an announcement of when the Prometheus Blu-ray will be released.