Canceled Sci-Fi Reboot Series Gets Fan Support For Revival

By Charlene Badasie | Published

quantum leap

Fans are scrambling to save Quantum Leap after the series was canceled by NBC after two seasons. The various online campaigns come amid the 2024 upfronts season, an annual tradition in the television industry where broadcast networks and major streaming services announce their lineups for the upcoming season.

Canceled Sci-Fi

quantum leap

Cancelled Sci-Fi, a site dedicated to saving various fan-favorite series, is currently running a poll in which people can vote to give the shows of their choosing a second chance. Quantum Leap is currently leading the poll with 448 votes at the time of writing. It is followed by The CW show Superman and Lois with 220 votes and the Paramount series Star Trek: Lower Decks with 194 votes.

The results will be shared with networks and streaming services. Fans are hopeful as this approach has previously worked to save canceled series such as Lucifer, The Expanse, and Manifest. The site also urges viewers to make their voices heard on social media so that broadcasters are made aware of the support series like Quantum Leap are getting.

Quantum Leap

quantum leap

Developed by Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt, Quantum Leap is a revival of the 1989 series from creator Donald P. Bellisario. The story is set 30 years after the events of the flagship show. It stars Raymond Lee as physicist Dr. Ben Song alongside Caitlin Bassett, Mason Alexander Park, Nanrisa Lee, and Ernie Hudson.

The series follows Dr. Song and a new team who are attempting to solve the mysteries surrounding the disappearance of Sam Beckett, a character from the original Quantum Leap series. Dr. Song, who has uploaded new code and used the upgraded accelerator to time travel, becomes lost in the past, living different lives and altering history to return to the present.

A More Serialized Version Of The Story

The Quantum Leap reboot has received mixed reviews from critics, with the first season earning a 57 percent approval rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. The site’s general consensus describes the new series as a more serialized reboot of the original, with some intriguing ideas and a solid cast. However, not everyone enjoyed its execution and reliance on nostalgia.

Ending On A Cliffhanger, Just Like The Original

The unexpected cancellation of Quantum Leap left the show’s creators unable to provide a satisfying conclusion during the Season 2 finale. Fans were left hanging with a major cliffhanger. Hannah devised a plan requiring a swap to bring Ben back home, with Addison volunteering. However, instead of a simple exchange, she ended up joining him on his time-travel journey.

This setup created a fresh storyline for Quantum Leap Season 3, introducing the first-ever tandem leap and opening up various story possibilities. But with the show’s cancellation, there are now three scientists lost in time who may never return. While a new season might have addressed the show’s declining ratings, NBC decided the risks weren’t worth it.

Upfronts Week

Meanwhile, Paramount has opted to skip upfronts week in favor of a private event, while Warner Bros. Discovery is back in. Amazon will join with its own event on May 14, showcasing Prime Video, Prime Video Sports, Twitch, Amazon Freevee, and Amazon Music. NBCUniversal, Hallmark Media, and Netflix will also have events.

Source: Cancelled Sci-Fi