Manborg Trailer May Melt Your Face

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

If and when technology advances to the point where you can go into someone’s head and capture the exact movie that’s going on in there, Steven Kotanski’s Manborg may prove to be a pretty good approximation of what was going on in my mind as an adolescent. After playing to glowing reviews at Fantastic Fest all the way back in 2011, the movie finally drops on DVD later this month, on April 30th. The trailer above will have to tide you over until then.

Manborg perfectly captures the look and feel of those nutzo, direct-to-video sci-fi schlock-fests that I still love stumbling across at the video store, like Eliminators. If you’re familiar with that joint, you’ll notice some striking similarities between the two. This is just my kind of absurdity.

So the armies of Hell have taken over the world. That’s never a good sign, is it? The only thing that stands in the way of the heinous Count Draculon is the half-man, half-robot, all ass-kicker Manborg, and his crew of misfit good guys. A super soldier brought back from the dead, Manborg is tasked with defeating evil Nazi vampires and random demons forces. The film promises “kung-fu killing, stop-motion monster battles, hoverbikes, robots, demons, and a character named Doctor Scorpius.”

Low budget, post-apocalyptic, and gratuitously violent, Manborg sounds like a damn fine time to me.

Kostanski is part of Astron-6 Video International, a rogue group of genre film fanatics on a mission to unleash unrelenting cinematic misadventures on an unsuspecting populace. They seem like our kind of folks.

Manborg Poster