Two Fan-Made Posters From Star Trek Into Darkness

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

No, you’re not the only one excited for Star Trek Into Darkness. You’re not the only one eagerly tenting your fingers, waiting until December 14th so you can see the nine minutes of the film before The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, wondering how you’re going to make it until May 17, 2013. There are lots of people out there just like you, counting down the minutes until J.J. Abrams and company take to the bridge of the Enterprise for another adventure.

Most of you are able to keep your enthusiasm contained, but sometimes all that excitement bubbles up, and with nowhere else to go, it erupts all over the place. Sometimes this manifests in creative ways, and that’s awesome, because it leads to things like this pair of beautiful fan-made posters for Star Trek Into Darkness.

This black-and-white offering is something of a throwback to classic sci-fi posters from yesteryear. The way it is laid out, it almost looks like a promo for an old alien-invasion picture. Ominous and full of shadows, this is a cool design. From a certain perspective this poster also looks something like an ultrasound. Into Darkness is kind of the metaphorical spawn of Star Trek, so maybe this was intentional.

If you told me that this next image was a first teaser for the film from Paramount, I couldn’t say you were lying. This is slick, sharp, and totally falls into that mode that many teasers adopt. You know the ones. They show a single big, often iconic, image from the film, one that easily encapsulates the story. We’re talking about a Star Trek movie here, so of course it would show the Enterprise. And there isn’t much information other than a date and maybe a name.

Up to this point all we’ve seen from Into Darkness are three frames and a few still photos from the set. We’ll get more in December, and you can bet more and more will gradually appear the closer we get to next May.

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