What If Darth Vader Hadn’t Been An Absent Father?

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Normally it’s a bad thing for a father to miss out on raising his boy, but in the case of Anakin Skywalker I think we can all agree Luke was a lot better off without his Dad. Even before Anakin ended up trapped inside his Darth Vader mask, he was kind of a douche. Luke inherited some of his dad’s traits, he was a little whiny, but thanks to a grounded upbringing from Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru he mostly turned out OK.

But what if Darth Vader had taken a more active role in his son’s rearing?

It might have turned out a little something like this…

That’s the trailer for a new children’s book being released by this spring. You can preorder Darth Vader and Son here. In it author Jeffrey Brown envisions Darth Vader as a dad pretty much like any other, except with a lot of Sith baggage. Here’s the Darth Vader and Son book cover…

This is cute and probably fun for the whole family, but remember when Darth Vader was the scariest villain in the history of movies? Yeah, that’s over now, thanks in large part to things just like this.

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