Worms Are Falling From The Sky? See The Unbelievable Video

A Twitter video shows a downpour of worms raining from the skies in Beijing.

By Britta DeVore | Updated

Thanks for tuning in for your weekly dosage of wanting to simply say “nope” and go back to bed. As if the recent threat of UFOs and asteroids weren’t enough to make you want to pack it all up (and don’t even get us started on daylight savings time), today’s news of worms raining down from the skies in China should really make you want to call it quits and set yourself up with a good Netflix binge before the end days arrive. In an unbelievable clip which you can see below, The Rio Times shared footage from the streets of Beijing, where viewers can see the slimy creatures covering cars and sidewalks. 

Even though worms are raining from the sky, the clip also reveals that it’s business as usual, with residents simply covering their heads with umbrellas and continuing to go about their days as if a mark of doomsday isn’t surrounding them. So, how did the legless and wingless critters take to the air and end up scattered on cars and streets? An MSN report came in with a possible answer that the light-weight creatures could have been carried away by some strong winds, which in turn would have created a hurricane-style deposit once the winds dropped down, something that, according to them, isn’t as uncommon as you’d think.

Still, others are certain that the worms raining into odd areas is simply a prank carried out by someone with a little too much time on their hands. But, possibly the best answer out there to debunk the downpour of worms is that it isn’t the slimy creatures at all but that the droppings are actually poplar flower blooms. The tulip tree forms a dazzling array of flowers during its blooming season that looks an awful lot like worms – especially when they get wet.

jumping worms

While we in the United States may not have worms raining down on us, the incident in Beijing is oddly reminiscent of the recent train crash in East Palestine, Ohio, that caused toxic chemicals to spill out into the surrounding areas. It’s been just a little over one month since the derailment happened, and the area affected is still facing damaging effects that have seen an unbelievable amount of death to local wildlife and fish as well as hazardous living conditions for those relying on the now infected water sources.

So, how does this tie in with the plague of worms raining in Beijing? As nature does its thing, the toxic chemicals have been picked up and redistributed into the clouds that carry rain, with the likelihood of toxins like vinyl chloride making their way out of Ohio and into its neighboring states a high probability. Scared for what this could mean for not only the town of East Palestine but all those within a certain radius when the environmental disaster first took place, the government was urging those in the immediate area to stay indoors and not allow their pets outside near the water sources. 

With all the bizarre happenings unfolding over the first three months of 2023, we’re quite frankly terrified to see how the rest of the year goes. But, for those of you out there who had worms raining from the skies on your bingo card, congrats! Just be sure to keep weird space happenings on there too.