Air Force Couldn’t Hit UFOs With Ridiculously Expensive Missiles

The Air Force's first try at taking down the UFO over Lake Huron completely missed, despite the UFO not taking any evasive maneuvers.

By Britta DeVore | Updated


It was a swing and a miss for the United States Air Force over the weekend when an F-16 fighter jet was sent on a mission to shoot down a UFO that had illegally entered North American airspace. The strange flying object was taken out over Lake Huron in the jet’s second attempt with the first resulting in the Sidewinder missile completely missing the target and plummeting into the waters below. While they can’t all be Tom Cruise and the rest of the cast of Top Gun, matters have been made even worse with reports stating that the target wasn’t doing anything to evade the attack.

And, if this story makes you worried about our armed forces and their training, it should make you even more concerned knowing that the missile cost somewhere around $400,000. That’s money coming out of the taxpayers’ paychecks to fund the U.S. military on this major snafu. Luckily, as announced in a press conference and reported by Yahoo News, “The second shot hit,” marking an end to the UFO’s flight over the lake which separates Michigan and Canada.

Anyone with a smartphone, newspaper, TV, or TikTok knows that it’s been a crazy few weeks for the airways of North America with UFOs showing up multiple times. It all started when a Chinese balloon (thought to be a piece of surveillance equipment) was shot down over the Atlantic Ocean just off the shores of South Carolina. Since then, we’ve been at no loss for bizarre occurrences with a slew of similar events happening around the world. 

With these UFO sightings becoming more and more regular, the United States is preparing to sink even more money into its defense bill, meaning more of our taxes will be going to fund the weapons and machines facing off against the mysterious objects. With the first shot missing, and hundreds of thousands of dollars disappearing with it, the military is no doubt stepping up its training practices and better preparing its pilots to sink their target on the first try. 


Meanwhile, reports on what exactly the UFOs are have been varying between government statements. With some saying that aliens haven’t been ruled out, others believe that it’s definitely not extraterrestrials and is most likely connected to the Chinese balloon incident. With visions of films like War of the Worlds and Independence Day dancing in our heads, it’s easy to get caught up in the lane leaning towards the existence of life on other planets and in other galaxies.

Further driving this theory home, some members of the armed forces, including retired Navy pilot Nick Graves, have stepped forward to say that spotting UFOs is a much more common experience than many would believe. The former pilot said that the objects would not only appear on radar and camera equipment but that he and many of his colleagues spotted them with their own eyes. In each case, the events were reported to the Pentagon and Congress. 

For anyone who knows their United States history, the recent UFO happenings are sure to be drumming up memories of the Roswell incident which is possibly the most well-known alien conspiracy theory. While the government stands by its initial statement that it was a downed military balloon, many involved in the days following the accident have made their beliefs known that it was a coverup of alien life. As for the latest string of bizarre airspace occurrences, we’ll just need to wait and see what happens and hope that the military can better find their targets should the objects pose a serious threat.