United States Is Growing A Robot Army

By Britta DeVore | Published

robot army

The time has finally come for robots to duke it out. According to ScienceAlert, to keep up with the ongoing threat presented by China, the United States is kicking a robot army into gear. The news came from the U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks, who says that over the next two years, the U.S. military will begin to push forward with plans of building thousands of these robots for battle in an initiative called Replicator.

While the military has long been using technology to aid in its operations, this new robot army is unlike anything we’ve seen in the past. The Replicator initiative will work double time to pump out staggering numbers of these systems that will then be passed out to the various branches of the military. Like something straight out of a piece of sci-fi, the robot wars are looming just over the horizon. 

The United States army is planning for a robot army initiative called Replicator

While drones have long been a useful and heavily turned-to weapon, the news of a robot army really tips the scales for the country that can produce both the highest quality and quantity. Unfortunately, for underdeveloped nations, this means that they’ll be more of a target than before, making organizations like the United Nations more important than ever. 

With the war in Ukraine raging on, the use of technology has moved to the forefront, giving the rest of the world a peek into the future. While Russia may have kicked off the invasion, believing that Ukraine would simply fold to its will, Ukraine has fought back, using naval drones to hit Russia’s Black Sea fleet, putting them out of commission.

And, while neither country has a marching robot army, they have used loitering munitions, a type of robot aircraft, to launch attacks on grounded artillery and armored vehicles.

With countries like Russia and China (both considered to be potential threats to the United States and its allies) jumping the gun (so to speak) and building up their military technology, Hicks says the time is now for the U.S. to do the same.

With the creation of the robot army now set into motion, the mission aim is to program them to carry out the most challenging of assignments, placing them in dangerous missions and removing humans from the equation.

The robot army is planned for land, sea, and air 

Along with building smart machines that will make difficult decisions at a moment’s notice, the United States is also hoping to keep the budget down. In her statement, Hicks said that should a member of the vast robot army be terminated, it won’t come at a great financial cost, with another able to step into its place while even more are molded at factories. And the army won’t just be a marching one as Hicks revealed the plans to develop them for land, sea, and air. 

With scientists moving forward with incredible discoveries and creations within the world of artificial intelligence, the news of a robot army should really come as a surprise to no one. With the world seeming to be constantly on the brink of the next major war, the United States’ development of a robot militia is both calming and terrifying.