Transparent Laptop Of The Future Is Here

By TeeJay Small | Published

transparent laptop

Massive technological leaps have been made in recent years, allowing a number of intriguing new products, such as the Apple Vision Pro, generative AI models, and even wooly mammoth gene-splicing capability to come to market.

Lenovo’s ThinkBook Transparent Display Laptop

transparent laptop

One brand new product, a fully transparent laptop, has been developed by Lenovo, and seeks to create a greater ease of access in computing for tech developers and general consumers at large. The device is aptly titled the ThinkBook Transparent Display Laptop, and comes with a touch-screen tablet built-in to its intuitive design.

Unveiled At Mobile World Congress

transparent laptop

Lenovo first unveiled their transparent laptop during the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, just one year after delivering on the bizarre rollable laptop concept which swept the tech world in 2023.

Where the rollable computer offered a screen that becomes vertically enlarged by rolling out of its base, the ThinkBook Transparent Display Laptop offers a double-sided screen, offering users in front of and behind the device to see videos, photos, and other browsing data.

Ideal For Artists

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The touch screen ability within the transparent laptop makes the device ideal for drawing, as many digital artists currently rely on external touchpads to create stunning visual canvases on their computer.

The device also touts a 17.3-inch MicroLED display with an opacity than can be adjusted from fully transparent to opaque white, so users can fully customize their web-browsing experience based on how much privacy they desire.

Disaster For Office Employees?

Though the transparent laptop will surely revolutionize screen-sharing projects in a social setting, this could mean disaster for office employees who spend much of their day browsing entertainment news sites while pretending to work.

Despite the product’s interesting tech, many consumers are still unsure of how to best utilize the transparent computer, as web development and browsing is often done on a desk, meaning a transparent screen offers little more than a view of your office floor.

Not Practical?

While transparent screens make a lot of sense in the context of sci-fi films or Marvel outings, so audiences can follow the facial expressions of leading actors while they construct web-based solutions, the technology isn’t very practical in a general sense.

Still, Lenovo’s executive director of ThinkPad portfolio and product, Tom Butler, has expressed interest in the transparent laptop being utilized by artists, as the device provides an opportunity to trace directly over elements right in front of the computer.

Artificial Intelligence Element

The ThinkBook Transparent Display Laptop also touts an AI element, which tracks and logs images behind the screen, offering artists and engineers an easy opportunity to place these items into a visual asset library for later.

Like the rollable computer displayed by Lenovo last year, the company currently has no plan to launch a mass production of the transparent laptop. The technology is currently more of a demo than an actual product, as the company continues to brainstorm creative ways to implement transparency into televisions, cell phones, and other screen-based devices.

Lenovo Bringing Fuller Version

transparent laptop

Lenovo insiders have speculated that a fuller version of the transparent screen tech will be available to the public in the next five years, as the devices can be refined further.

By then, perhaps general consumers will have reworked their offices to rely on transparent laptop technology to keep them unencumbered in the workplace.

Source: The Verge