Support These Jurassic Park Legos For The Coolest T-Rex You Can Get Your Hands On

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lego jurassic parkIt has already been a pretty strong month for the Jurassic Park franchise. The 3D version of the original film was released in China recently, vaulting the film beyond the $1 billion mark. The mega-budget production company Legendary Pictures may step in to co-finance Jurassic Park 4 with Universal, which would surely boost the funding by a ton. And on a somewhat smaller level, digital artist and photographer Sami Mustonen created a Lego Cuusoo campaign to try and get a limited set of Jurassic Park Legos put into production. We probably wouldn’t be telling you about this if it were some rinky-dinky set made by a child with spare time, but Mustonen’s pieces are pretty amazing.

Mustonen said inspiration hit just before Jurassic Park 3D hit theaters, and that he spent the time since then drafting out the proposed set, making sure the models are rendered as close to perfect as possible. [Possible Shocking Momment] No actual bricks were used in the creation of the images you’ll see below. There were made using a Lego Digital Designer, while the real pieces to create an actual piece are supposedly on their way. This whole 3D version instead of a brick version was a branch of the mini-controversy that occurred soon after this project was put up. But we’ll focus on the good stuff at first, and the bad stuff in a minute.

First, there’s the park’s iconic gate, which looks spot on as both a gate and a constructed toy. The colorful JP Explorer holds Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler, and Dr. Ian Malcolm. It gets +10 points for completely avoiding the use of the children characters. We just want to play with Sattler and Malcolm, making them have super weird conversations when they think Grant isn’t looking. Anyway, the star player here is the T-Rex, which is an excellent hodgepodged take on the frightening beast’s look. Perhaps the sharp angles make him even more harsh looking. In any case, Mustonen should work on Lego dinosaur sets if this one doesn’t happen to get voted up. Now you can fix your peepers on the toys below.

lego jurassic park scene

lego jurassic park vehicle

lego jurassic park everything

lego jurassic park set

Here’s the short version of the controversy I referred to: another popular Cuusoo user, Brick Queen, happened to post a couple of Jurassic Park sets days before the above campaign started. Apparently, some of Brick Queen’s fans trolled the shit out of Mustonen’s page, which brought the Cuusoo administrators into the fold. And Brick Queen and her projects ended up getting banned from the site, though it isn’t clear what role she(?) played in the comment bashing.

In any case, it doesn’t harm this set at all, and having reached 4,200 users in just 10 days, it seems likely to amass the 10,000 supporters needed to bring the project to an official review. The Ghostbusters set we talked about recently is currently awaiting its own review. But it’ll be a long while before we get any word on anything actually hitting the production stage.

Speaking of, could we also get these Monty Python and the Holy Grail sets turned into toys in my possession? They were designed by Flickr user Rifiröfi, and they aren’t even up for a vote, but they’re still wonderful. See all of them here.

holy grail

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