See A Snake Expert Dodge Multiple Strikes To The Face

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago


There are a lot of different ways to spend your afternoon. Whether it be relaxing with a good book, or maybe going out for a jog to get a bit of exercise, in this day and age, the possibilities seem nearly limitless for how one can enjoy their free time. I don’t think I would include getting down on the ground to consistently avoid the bite from a deadly snake, but hey, each person has their own list. For Brian Barczyk though, taunting and then dodging a snake bite while yelling into the camera feels like a little bit of all right and that’s just what we are seeing in this latest video he posted. 

The snake video went up on YouTube on his personal channel which has quite the following. With more than three million subscribers, there are all kinds of people getting to enjoy Brian as he brings out his love for all things reptiles. In this newest video, he’s down on the ground, face-to-face with a viper boa. Brian seems a bit surprised that the snake continues to take stabs at his face over and over, though it’s kind of easy to see why. Though the dude appears to be every bit a nice guy, the snake likely only sees some crazed freak who won’t leave it alone. Check out this video and see what I mean. 

Look, the guy clearly knows what he’s doing here and while he’s feigning being scared of the snake or intimating that he’s in a bit of danger, I think we all pretty much know that to not be the case. He’s on the ground, in the snake’s face, and basically wanting the snake to take swipes at him for the sake of the 30-second video. It sure seems like Brian is doing everything you would do to make sure the snake stayed continually worried and threatened right down to being on eye level with it, moving into its zone, and just generally bringing a certain level of “energy” to the proceedings. 

That being said, it’s clear that Brian Barczyk is way, way into snakes and has made it his work to build a business around teaching people about snakes. His channel is just full of all kinds of educational videos about this snake and that, going through all different species how they are different. There’s a reason his channel has a ton of engagement with the longer videos really giving a look into different reptile life. 

If this is, in fact, a viper boa snake which one YouTube commenter said was the species, then Brian maybe didn’t have all that much to worry about. Apparently, while they resemble another kind of poisonous snake, the Papuan death adder, these snakes are relatively harmless. Again, that might not have been the case with the species, but it would sure make a little more sense for how Brian was approaching the video. While the dude is clearly an expert on all things snake, it is hard to imagine he’d put himself in this kind of immediate danger for a half-minute video.