See The Silver Snake Hiding In The Tinsel Of One Family’s Christmas Tree

By Doug Norrie | 3 hours ago

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Clark Griswold and his family had a squirrel hiding in their tree during that famous scene from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Recently, another family had a similar experience, but it was a reptile hiding back there this time. In a video that sure seems a little different than your typical holiday season experience, a family got out their box of Christmas decorations and supplies only to find a snake that had been hiding there for the winter. The silver snake blended right into the surroundings and made for the strangest type of ornament. 

The snake sighting went down in Gulfview Heights, a suburb in southern Australia when a family decided it was time to break out the box of Christmas decorations for the holiday. Is it more than a month away? Sure, but let’s not split hairs about when Christmas decorating should actually commence. When they got out the mini-tree, a silver, and tinsel-covered monstrosity, they found another scary thing slithering around the interior. Check out the video:

This snake sighting isn’t your typical one, though we’ve been given more and more oddball appearances from the reptiles of late. In this case, the family called a snake handler when they realized the little bugger wasn’t just another piece of tinsel or garland. It was a snake that was about a foot in length and did blend in rather well. The snake handler said (via 7news) that extracting the snake wasn’t the easiest thing in the world and the video does give some sense of that. It had become quite intertwined with the lights and other decorations, a “perfect” fit if you will, though decidedly against some of the yuletide spirit. 

From this video, and some of the initial reporting, it isn’t totally clear what type of snake this was. But it didn’t appear the family or the snake handler was in any immediate danger from a snake bite with this thing. It’s more just an off-putting feeling to have snakes slithering through parts unknown in the house. And thinking you might break out the box of decorations only to find a snake in there isn’t the most comforting even if it is relatively harmless. 

In all, this situation worked out just fine though works as a good reminder to check things in your home that have been in storage for some time. It isn’t always going to be clear what’s taken up residency in an old box or, in this case, stash of lights and tinsel. The snake probably was feeling right at home, maybe comfortable even with the thought that they were going to spend the Christmas holiday getting into a similar spirit. 

And comparatively, this snake story had a much better ending than some of the others we’ve been hearing about lately. There was a man who decided to use a cobra snake as an actual weapon against his wife. He was convicted of murder when it was all said and done. And then there was the guy who needed scrotal reconstruction (yup, you read that right) after a snake bit him while sitting on the toilet. Compared to these incidents, finding a snake in the Christmas decorations feels positively quaint.