See The Massive, Rare, Albino Snake Found In A Florida Woman’s Backyard

By Britta DeVore | Updated

albino snake

Florida, Florida, Florida. You’re always finding the most unique and over-the-top ways to keep us talking and, boy, have you done it again. According to USA Today a woman living in Naples, Florida crossed paths with a ginormous albino snake, which you can see in a photo below, in her very own backyard leading her to call a pair of snake catchers to come and remove the boa constrictor from her property. 

An incident that would shock anyone to the core, the homeowner said that she dialed the removal specialists about the albino snake, believing that it was a “huge python.” In her Instagram post, Taylor Stanberry, who works as a serpent specialist alongside her husband Rhett Stanberry, said that they initially did not respond to the call, first believing that the woman was “misidentifying” the creature, and adding that when the call came in, the homeowner had not spotted the yard intruder for “a couple of hours.” But when she called for a second time, accompanying her claims with an unbelievable photo, it all became very real with the Stanbury’s rushing over to help the woman in need.

When they got to the property, they didn’t find a python but instead discovered a 9-foot 5-inch long, 52.6-pound boa constrictor. Not only was the sheer magnitude of the creature alarming, but when you toss in the fact that it was albino in color, things got even more bizarre for the snake catchers. The couple wrangled the snake and took it to their center where it will stay as being void of any coloring means that it’s at a higher risk of danger in the great outdoors – even with its monstrous size.

snake albino

While the photo of the gargantuan albino snake is what initially draws viewers’ eyes in, because why wouldn’t it, the image gets even more wild the longer you look. In typical Florida fashion, Taylor Stanberry is doing her snake-catching job in jeans and a bikini top making the incident look like just another day at the office, allowing the woman to get a nice tan while on the clock. We’re not judging her for her outfit choice, as she also revealed that the couple was out kayaking before meeting their newest pal, but rather we’re just impressed that she had the guts to get that close to a creature so dangerous with nothing more than a bikini top and jeans on – we’d definitely be wearing a full suit of armor!

While it may be crazy for the rest of the country to imagine strolling out to the backyard for your morning cup of coffee and discovering a huge albino snake taking in some rays, in Florida this type of thing is a common occurrence. This year has hosted an array of newsworthy headlines featuring alligator-eating pythons and snakes breaking records for their size. Over the last several decades, folks have been transporting the huge snakes into the state as pets – a silly decision with unfortunate consequences.

When they’re unable to keep them, people will release the pythons into the wild, which has in turn made them an invasive species. While the latest crazy snake story to come out of the sunshine state involved a boa constrictor and not your run-of-the-mill massive python, it just adds another level to the madness Florida is known for. Luckily for the woman hosting the albino snake, there are folks like the Stanberrys who are properly trained to help.