Search For Cleopatra’s Tomb Uncovers Secret Underground Tunnel

An Egyptian tunnel was discovered while a group of archaeologists attempt to locate Cleopatra's tomb

By James Brizuela | Published

Dr. Kathleen Martinez, who heads the Egyptian-Dominican mission of the University of Santo Domingo, has dedicated a ton of her work to locating the long-lost tomb of Cleopatra, and while doing so, her team of archaeologists located a rock tunnel deep under the Temple of Tapozeris Magna. This Egyptian tunnel is stated to stretch for 4,300 feet and is located 42 below the ground. This new discovery happened west of the city of Alexandria.

In the above video, you can clearly see the vast Egyptian tunnel, which seems to stretch on for miles, though we already established the 4,300 feet. Also, it looks as though the team had to do some spelunking to be able to traverse the tunnel, which fills us all full of fear. Another discovery that took place was finding severed alabaster heads of the god, Isis.

egyptian tunnel cleopatra

While researchers cannot fully say if this Egyptian tunnel will lead to the temple of Cleopatra, they did also find coins that showed the image of both Cleopatra and Alexander the Great, which is certainly an indication they could be getting close to finding the lost queen’s temple. Dr. Martinez also did mention that the tunnel is submerged under parts of the Mediterranean Sea, so the full tunnel was likely not accessible. The tunnel is below the Tapozeris Magna temple, which is dedicated to the god Osiris, who is the god of death.

The vast Egyptian tunnel that is below this temple that is dedicated to the god of death could be significant, but the finding of coins dedicated to two of the biggest leaders from the area is quite curious. Dr. Martinez has made many discoveries in the area, as she held an exhibit in 2018, which showcased more than 350 architectural elements from the Ptolemaic dynasty. We would imagine if anyone is going to locate the tomb of Cleopatra, Dr. Martinez is going to be that person.

Dr. Martinez’s initial theory about Cleopatra was considered to be the representation of the god Isis, so she would want to have been buried in a temple that was dedicated to Isis, however, that theory was refuted by Zahi Hawass, who stated that Egyptians were never buried in temples, but used them to worship. However, the Egyptian tunnel is a huge discovery and one that might lead Dr. Martinez right to the tomb she has been seeking since 2005.

Egypt is full of secrets that have been slowly discovered for hundreds of years at this point, and this Egyptian tunnel might wield further discoveries and the eventual resting place of Cleopatra. It would be quite wild to see Dr. Martinez discover this tomb and see Cleopatra’s mummified body on display somewhere, much as King Tut is in the Valley of the Kings.

We will certainly know more about this Egyptian tunnel in the coming weeks, as Dr. Martinez and her group of archaeologists are able to excavate more of the area, but this is quite an exciting discovery. We are not sure how deep into the tunnel they can travel, especially if parts of it are submerged in water, but a diving team could be sent to potentially discover more.