Niagara Falls Is Frozen Solid, See Stunning Photos

Niagara Falls has become a winter wonderland.

By Drew Dietsch | Updated

niagara falls

Niagara Falls is one of the most spectacular sights in the modern world. The incredible sight has been a tourist attraction for many years and continues to be a draw for lovers of nature all around. And now, it has become a winter wonderland as it has iced over in spectacular fashion.

You can see some of the spectacular images of an icy Niagara Falls in posts all around social media. For example, here is Twitter user Maria Zoe sharing a picture from photographer Michael Sidofsky.

As one reply stated, it makes Niagara Falls look like a location out of some mystical Disney movie. It really is quite stunning to see the place blanketed by snow and ice. For a comparison, look at how Niagara Falls looks from the air when it isn’t covered with ice and snow.

niagara falls

Now, here is a shot from Instagram user _ross_f22 that captures a beautiful sunrise or sunset over the falls. Take a gander at the crystalline ice that has crept over the surrounding area of Niagara Falls. It is not an exaggeration to say that the photo looks like something out of a fantasy film.

Niagara Falls has actually frozen over completely in the past. Check out this photo from over 130 years ago when ice and snow conditions were so bad that the entire location looks like it has turned into Antarctica.

Another notable moment where Niagara Falls froze over was during the winter of 1911. Here is another famous photo that shows the falls completely turned into ice. It is pretty incredible to see such a massive amount of water frozen over. Once again, it does not look like a real image. If you told us this was from some film production from a hundred years ago, we would probably believe you.

niagara falls frozen

It is always nice to be reminded of how powerful nature can be. The idea that a raging river of water like Niagara Falls can be stopped by the icy hand of nature is a humbling example of just how much control the natural world has over our existence. Thankfully, it also leads to some truly gorgeous images that will stay in your mind long after the ice and snow have melted away.

And considering that lights are used on Niagara Falls to make it even more beautiful images, it is especially incredible to see when the falls are under the influence of winter conditions. Peep your eyes on this shot from Instagram user bloomersniagarafalls from this past February where the falls were colored red in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

It is undeniably incredible to see Niagara Falls in this winter state. The location is definitively one of the most beautiful on the planet. Getting to see an extra layer of beauty added to it thanks to the ice and snow only amplifies its natural wonder. It’s a much better sight than others we have seen this year. We will have to wait and see if the falls become even icier as winter continues on. If so, we are sure we will have even more amazing photos to share with you.