Mattel Making A Real Hoverboard, See The First Image Here

By Steve West | 9 years ago

Our childhood dreams and wishes made Back to the Future Part II an amazing adventure in time. In truth it’s the weakest of the three films, but still contains a few iconic items those of us between the ages of 25 and 40 eagerly hope become a reality by the year 2015. Just the other day I saw a bunch of kids walking around with their front pockets turned inside out, and it made me smile a little. After the Nike (non)Power Lace shoes last year the next logical step is a real hoverboard. Mattel has revealed via Toy Fair that 2012 is the time for pink boards to become all the rage.

According to our sister site CinemaBlend, this version of the hoverboard is more of a glide than a hover. The technology, which would likely have to rely on magnetic tracks in order to actually hover, does not exist to recreate what Marty uses in the film. Instead this new version of the hoverboard glides using high-level technology that is so prohibitively expensive Mattel will not manufacture the product unless a certain number of preorders are placed. Mattel will begin taking orders in March for a Christmas 2012 launch.

The board itself looks very much like the one in the film, and it’s pink. Being a novelty item it will probably remain with this design unless it actually becomes a popular item for kids, then you can expect Mattel to create a whole line of varied hoverboards. But that’s a dream beyond the dream at this point.

Mattel’s official description details the simple rule that a basic hoverboard doesn’t work on water…unless you got powah.