Alien Civilizations Spreading Throughout The Universe At Insane Rate?

By Robert Scucci | Published

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In our ongoing search for advanced alien civilizations, scientists have proposed a new theory that potentially explains why we haven’t had any encounters with extraterrestrial lifeforms at this point in time. According to Science Alert, a team of researchers are referring to what’s known as the Percolation Theory Hypothesis, which suggests that there are multiple phases in which advanced civilizations scatter throughout the universe. The theory posits that intelligent lifeforms, like humans on Earth, go through three phases: a slow settlement, a fast settlement, and then another slow settlement.

The Percolation Theory Hypothesis Suggests That Aliens Are Civilizing Planets At Different Rates Across The Universe

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In other words, extraterrestrial civilizations, just like our own, are in the early stages of exploring the vast and expansive universe, looking for places to settle down. But when we consider the three ways that the universe functions (as far as we know), we’re probably still far off from the rapid settlements that phase two suggests. As of this writing, there are three main cosmological models of the universe: static, matter-dominated, and dark energy-dominated.

Alien Civilizations Spread Similarly To Diseases

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The static universe model suggests that time and space are infinite, and neither expanding nor contracting. Following this model, which was originally described by Einstein and his Cosmological Constant, we have reason to believe that civilizations spread similarly to how diseases spread among humans. Using an infection as an analogy, it takes a while for a disease to find a human host (phase one), but then it spreads like wildfire (phase 2).

After potential human hosts have been exhausted, we see a slowdown in the spread because there is nowhere else for the disease to go (phase three). So if advanced civilizations operate under this model, they could very well be in the early stages of colonizing, haven’t yet found their first “host.” But when they do, their growth will be exponential before ultimately slowing down.

Finding Other Civilizations Is Nearly Impossible

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In the matter-dominated and dark energy-dominated universe models, which are also theorized to be in the early stages of colonization, we have to consider the rapid expansion of the universe, which makes reaching far-off habitable planets difficult when you consider the capabilities of our current technology.

If the universe is expanding faster than the speed of light like the paper suggests, then finding advanced civilizations on other planets can be rather difficult, like hitting an acorn with a BB-gun across a football field during a hurricane.

Extraterrestrials Are Likely Looking For Us As Wel


Being that we haven’t yet made contact with intelligent species from another far-off planet, and we’re still in the early stages of looking for advanced life from our earthly vantage point, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that other advanced species are currently doing the same thing, but have no feasible way to reach us.

Earth’s Future Could See Rapid Universe Expansion

Other advanced civilizations can at this very moment be coming up with their own theories that are in line with our own Percolation Theory Hypothesis, but we’d have no way of knowing unless they crack warp-speed before we do. But if we are truly in the first phases of figuring out how to colonize the universe, then rapid expansion in future generations is possible if the prevailing theory is proven to be true.