AI Pin Wants To Be A Star Trek Communicator And Kill Smartphones

By Robert Scucci | Published

We’re getting one step closer to wearable Star Trek technology in the form of a new device called the “Ai Pin.” (via Humane). The Ai Pin was created by a startup company called Humane, which is primarily led by ex-Apple employees who want to transform how we interact with our devices.

Wearable AI

The small wearable object doesn’t operate with a screen or apps, but utilizes AI technology to create a futuristic experience with a number of practical applications.

Humane’s primary goal with the Ai Pin is to offer a device that has the convenience of a smartphone or tablet without being so demanding or invasive.

A Wearable Digital Assistant

By working in the background, the device functions as a digital assistant that uses a camera, as well as a number of sensors and microphones to seamlessly integrate itself into our day-to-day activities.

Using “laser ink” technology, the Ai Pin projects images onto its user’s hand, and different commands are executed by simply moving one’s fingers or touching their palm.

Working In Real-Time


In addition to these cutting-edge features, the Ai Pin is also receptive to voice commands that allow it to search the internet, make phone calls, and stream music.

If this future tech isn’t cool enough for you, the Ai Pin can also translate someone’s speech in real time.

And the days of performing a reverse image search on Google would be a thing of the past with the Ai Pin, as it can use its camera to recognize items, and help users find them online to purchase or research.

Still Not Perfect

ai kidnapping

Given that the Ai Pin boasts a startling amount of new technology for personal use, it goes without saying that the product is far from perfect.

In fact, during one of the product demonstrations, the small smart device made a mistake when asked a question about the best location to view the next solar eclipse.

Needless to say, the proof of concept has been established, and we’re witnessing the development of some very exciting technology.

Hefty Price Tag

With new technology comes a hefty price tag, however, and the Ai Pin will start at $699 when it launches next week.

Though this is on par with the price of your average smartphone, interested parties may be deterred by the additional monthly service fee of $24 they will have to pay to utilize every single AI-powered feature that the small device offers.

When you consider the fact that the Ai Pin can’t outright replace a smartphone or tablet, this may seem like a lot of money to dish out for a product that will more than likely go through several different generations of development as the technology is refined and perfected.

Changing Wearable Tech

google glass

Despite its cost, the Ai Pin could potentially change the wearable technology game with its integrated use of artificial intelligence. But who knows what the future holds?

As Humane continues to develop this innovative product, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that more affordable, lite versions of the Ai Pin will be developed for a more cost-conscious consumer.

For the time being, we’ll just have to wait and see how the first generation of Ai Pin users make use of such a cool gadget.