PlayStation Plus Free Games Getting A Massive Sports Title

PlayStation Plus and Sony are giving fans a bit more to be excited about for May, as the free game lineup contains a hugely popular sports game.

By James Brizuela | Updated

playstation plus

PlayStation Plus subscribers are not often surprised by some of the titles that are attached to the “free games” that come out every month for those with a subscription to the service. Usually, the list is chock full of more underground releases that most fans have not had a chance to play. However, there are times when Sony surprises us all. Next month’s Ps Plus games include a massive sports title, that will certainly make a ton of gamers happy. FIFA 2022 will be part of the free-to-play titles coming to the PlayStation consoles in the first week of May.

PlayStation Plus is surely giving fans a bit more bang for their buck, as they say. FIFA 2022, and by extension all FIFA games, are massively popular. The fact that all PS users will get their hands on a newer released sports game is fantastic. Although the game was released in September of 2021, it has been less than a year since the title was released. Those who were on the fence about the game will get their chance to demo it for as long as they possibly want to as well. FIFA 2022, as most people know, is the biggest soccer video game in the world. The newest entry by EA allows for creating a dream team in the Ultimate Team creator, and fans can now create their own club in career mode. We are waiting for the soccer hooligans creation function. Check out the launch trailer for FIFA 2022 below:

On top of being treated to FIFA 2022, the other games in May’s PlayStation Plus lineup are Tribes of Midgard and Curse of the Dead Gods. FIFA 2022 and Tribes of Midgard can be claimed on either PS4 or PS5, but Curse of the Dead Gods is PS4 only title. Tribes of Midgard is a survival Action RPG that hosts a team of up to 10 players, as you traverse the map while taking down massive amounts of enemies, including some very tough and massive giant bosses. Tribes of Midgard revolves heavily around co-op, so make sure you have up to 10 friends to play with to take down those massive giants. You can see the launch trailer below:

Curse of the Gods is a single-player roguelike, that sees the protagonist of the game make his way through a massive number of enemies, horrific traps, and challenging boss battles. Fans who like the punishing efforts of dying, rinsing, and repeating will surely be a fan of this game. This is sure to be a fun game to add to your PlayStation Plus library. Check out the launch trailer below:

All three of these games will drop on May 3rd for PlayStation Plus subscribers. That means that players will have until Monday, May 2nd, to add Hoods: Outlaws and Legends, SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom—Rehydrated, and Slay the Spire to your game library, should you want to play those games at a later date. Add them now or pay for them later.