Iron Man Has An Epic New Suit, See It Here

For example, Iron Man alone has more than 80 suits explored in the comics,

By Jason Collins | Published

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Community conversations about Crystal Dynamics’s Marvel’s Avengers video game, which suffered a lackluster launch in 2020, have been going in an entirely different direction lately — mostly focusing on the game’s cosmetic outfits or lack thereof. Namely, the game launched with Marvel Cinematic Universe-inspired skins for its superheroes, which wasn’t even that problematic, considering the scope of issues the game suffered from during launch. However, since most of those issues were addressed, the fandom pointed out that the game should prioritize comic book skins as well, and Crystal Dynamics listened. After adding a new skin for a very popular superhero, based on the hero’s costume featured in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Crystal Dynamics opted to add Iron Man’s Uru Armor, first featured in Fear Itself #7 comic book.

As reported by ComicBook, Marvel Avengers’ fans absolutely love the new armor, whose release caught most of the fandom by surprise. Unlike the release of some skins, the reception of the Iron Man Uru Armor is almost exclusively positive. In fact, the fans praise the authentic design of the armor crafted from Asgardian metal and imbued with Asgardian magic.

This is truly great news, though it still isn’t reflective of whether Crystal Dynamics really heard the fans regarding comic book skins, and we could still be discussing a one-off release. The game skimped out on any special MCU and comic book skins at launch, settling on those most commonly viewed on small and silver screens. Arguments can be made that those particular skins are currently best-known among audiences, and using them to cater to MCU fans of the game makes sense.

However, there are also tons of comic-inspired appearances that fans would enjoy over their MCU iterations. For example, Iron Man alone has more than 80 suits explored in the comics, and while its cost is still unknown, it will most probably be in line with other premium cosmetics that are currently in the game. And while the vast majority of fandom praises the new armor and Crystal Dynamics’ effort to bring in more comic book-inspired cosmetics, some players claim they still won’t purchase the new Iron Man outfit in protest of the current state of the game, which still has its issues.

Crystal Dynamics already fulfilled its promise of fixing the game through the previous roadmap, which concluded with the release of War for Wakanda expansion, but no new roadmaps have been disclosed ever since. This lack of an adequate roadmap that would convey the developer’s plans for the game’s future plunged die-hard Marvel gaming fans into desperation. It’s not to say that game hasn’t seen any new content since the release of War for Wakanda, quite the contrary — it introduced one of the fan-favorite characters to the game.

Marvel’s Avengers is currently available via PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X consoles, and Google Stadia, which is surprising, considering that Google demoted its failed gaming service. Still, despite all the problems the game currently faces, the introduction of the new Iron Man armor and perhaps several other outfits could help maintain the player count while new content is in development.