Zorro Will Be A Woman Now

By Erika Hanson | 1 week ago


A long-running fictional vigilante is making their way back to the big screen, but not how you might expect. Zorro, the dashing Spanish masked vigilante whose stories have won over the hearts of fans for over 100 years, is set to make a return in the form of a television series. While the cunning vindicator has been attached to plenty of larger-than-life actors throughout the years, the newest adaptation is sure to turn heads with the announcement that the new face of the sword-dueling hero will be helmed by women. 

While there’s been plenty of talk surrounding gender-swapped roles for famous film characters such as James Bond, the sibling duo of filmmakers Robert Rodriguez and Rebecca Rodriguez will be one of the first to make the popular swap via Zorro. While Robert Rodriguez has made quite the name for himself over his long tenure as a filmmaker producing mega-hits like From Dust Til Dawn and Once Upon a Time in Mexico, his sister has also made a name for herself over the past few years with her work directing both Snowpiercer and Doom Patrol. The sibling duo will be joined by series director Sean Tretta (Mayans M.C) along with Ben Silverman and Howard T. Owens’ Propagate. Announced yesterday by Deadline, the TV series found a home on the younger-generational appealing CW Network. 

While we wait for anticipating news on which celebrity actress will be tasked with donning the mantle of Zorro, there is little to report in way of details surrounding the upcoming project. According to reports, the series will feature a young Latinx woman seeking vengeance for her father’s murder who joins a secret society and adopts the outlaw persona of Zorro. And as The CW ramps up for production on what’s sure to be a controversial show, another studio has also set its eyes on reviving the masked vigilante. In December, it was announced that Disney is set to produce a live-action Zorro adaptation as well with Wilmer Valderrama set to wear the Zorro suit. 


The tale of Zorro holds a long, rich history in the United States. While in recent times it was Antonio Banderas and Anthony Hopkins that breathed fresh life into the vigilante with the 1998 hit The Mask of Zorro, the legends surrounding the hero have gained cultural significance. The fictional character was created in 1919 by American pulp writer, Johnston McCulley. He first appeared in McCulley’s novel, The Curse of Capistrano. Gaining popularity, the tales were first rendered for film with the 1920s The Mask of Zorro starring Douglas Fairbanks. Following the character’s immense popularity, McCulley went on to write more heroic tales for Zorro, with a total of 5 stories and 57 short stories. 

Over the years, Zorro has been adapted for the big screen countless times. In his lore, Zorro is best known as the Robin Hood of California as he acts as the masked vigilante defending the indigenous peoples of California against corrupt officials and other villains. His signature look, the all-black costume adorned with a cape, sombrero, and eye masks are easily one of the most recognized outfits to date. 

With it being 17 long years since the famed Spaniard last had a revival, a Zorro reboot teases plenty of opportunities. With studios like Marvel and Warner Bros. banking on the comic book superhero craze, a fresh new revival of a different type of hero will likely go over well in the United States. And if nothing else, the upcoming series will certainly garner plenty of media attention ruffling feathers with a woman set out to fill the very large boots of Zorro.