Yellowstone Star And Fake Cowboy Making New Western Coffee Brand

By Kevin C. Neece | Updated

yellowstone cole hauser
Cole Hauser on Yellowstone

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cole Hauser, the actor who plays Rip Wheeler on the hit Paramount series Yellowstone, is launching a Western-themed coffee and lifestyle brand called Free Rein. The actor and his old friends Karl Pfluger, Paul Anderson, Aron Marquez comprise an investment firm. Their acquisitions include Longhorn Coffee Co., a coffee roaster in Texas that specializes in making small-batch coffee with whimsical, rustic names like TX Heat and Snake Bite.

Yellowstone star Cole Hauser is launching Longhorn Coffe Co., a rustic coffee company based out of Texas.

The Yellowstone star is the most visible face of the new brand, telling THR that the brand is meant to inspire people to chase their dreams, adding that “dreams don’t work unless you do.” The company will offer mugs, thermal coffee cups, apparel, and other related merchandise, along with Arabica coffee products featuring whole beans and ground coffees with flavors such as the cleverly named dark roast American Dirt. Their stated aim is to capture the untamed spirit of the American West and the “bold determination” of the pioneers.

Leading up to the final season of Yellowstone, it makes sense for Hauser to expand his horizons, demonstrating an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to use his connection to the incredibly popular Western series to promote ideals he believes in. Touting the brand’s coffee as “fuel” for chasing dreams, Hauser seems focused on steering this brand toward the values of hard work and rugged individualism.

Cole Hauser plays a cowboy on Yellowstone, but he’s hoping to bring the the classic western work ethic to his new coffee venture.

His ties to the cowboy image might primarily be in the make-believe world of Yellowstone, but he seems ready to convince the world he’s a rough rider at heart—something he seems to expect of the brand’s clientele as well.

Cole Hauser yellowstone
Cole Hauser on Yellowstone

Before starring in Yellowstone, the actor says he grew up around cowboys and was impressed with their work ethic, saying no one works harder. That hardworking spirit is something he and his fellow investors hope to capture with Free Rein. The new lifestyle brand is to be focused, he says, on those who work hard, chase their dreams, or just wake up wanting “a damn good cup of coffee.”

In that sense, Hauser seems to also have a fairly good grasp on realistic goals amidst his aspirational language. For those of us who only watch Yellowstone and don’t exactly expect to live it, that might be a bit of a relief. All that cattle roping, horse riding, ranch labor, and dream chasing might feel a little ambitious for the average suburbanite who’s more likely to buy Free Rein’s coffee for their morning commute than for their morning trail ride.

Cole Hauser played a cowboy in the film Dead Man’s Hand, alongside his Yellowstone co-star, Moses Brings Plenty.

Hauser’s acting career is of course more than Yellowstone, though he has shown an aptitude for Westerns, starring in the recent film Dead Man’s Hand. In the movie, he plays an ex-gunslinger who is trying to escape his violent past and enjoy his new life with his wife, only to have his history haunt him and threaten to pull him away. Also in the film are Jack Kilmer, Stephen Dorff, Tait Fletcher, and Moses Brings Plenty, who also appears in Yellowstone.

The new Free Rein coffee brand has started an Instagram account and has announced that customers can expect a full launch this coming fall.