William Shatner Slams Star Trek After DC Appearance?

By Robert Scucci | Published

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Legendary Star Trek alum William Shatner is making a little bit of noise on X over a recent cameo appearance, but it’s the good kind of noise according to Cinemablend. Famously known for not taking on cameo roles, it appears as if he allowed DC Comics to use his likeness in a variant cover for Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #25.

On the variant cover, an illustrated Shatner can be seen hanging out with the Justice League at a comic book convention, and he is smiling from ear to ear.

William Shatner Doesn’t Do Cameos

In his X post, William Shatner joked that he doesn’t like to do Star Trek cameos, but he made the exception for DC comics. Notice how there’s a distinct lack of a Starfleet uniform, but rather his street clothes in the form of leather jacket over a collared shirt.

No More Star Trek

Though William Shatner is known for putting Star Trek on the map with his portrayal of Captain Kirk in The Original Series, it’s unlikely we’ll ever see him make an appearance in the franchise as a commanding officer.

In terms of continuity, it simply wouldn’t make sense because Captain Kirk met his fate in 1994’s Star Trek Generations. In other words, an older William Shatner wouldn’t fit into the Star Trek timeline because he doesn’t exist in the mortal realm.

What’s more, if his character were reprised on an earlier timeline, we need to consider the fact that Shatner is now 92 years old.

Hates The New Star Trek

William Shatner also suggested at the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con that Gene Roddenberry would be turning in his grave if he had to bear witness to some of the newer Star Trek properties.

Whether he’s actually sat down and watched newer series like Lower Decks, Picard, or Strange New Worlds seems to be a moot point, however. Though Star Trek is more popular than ever, it’s clear that he holds the belief that The Original Series is superior.

Almost In Star Trek 2009


Believe it or not, William Shatner almost appeared in the 2009 Star Trek Film, but the short scene was scrapped and never made it to the final cut.

The scene in question would have involved Captain Kirk showing up on a brief video that Spock Prime (Leonard Nimoy) had brought from his own timeline.

Reports indicate that Shatner wasn’t happy about having such a small scene in the movie and wanted J.J. Abrams to give him a more significant amount of screen time, focusing on his character rather than Chris Pine’s version of Kirk.

Nimoy Not Shatner

william shatner leonard nimoy

Abrams understood that William Shatner would have liked to have a more significant role in the Star Trek film, but decided that he’d rather introduce new versions of the characters than lean into the old guard.

Though fans were happy to see Leonard Nimoy reprise his role as Prime Spock, Shatner has since stated that he felt that Nimoy’s cameo was “gratuitous.

Appearances In Star Trek

Though William Shatner probably wouldn’t show up on set for a Star Trek cameo, he has made appearances in the franchise since Kirk’s death.

Through the use of archival footage, Captain James T. Kirk has made appearances in Deep Space Nine, Enterprise, and Short Treks. But when it comes to actually suiting up and helming the USS Enterprise, we wouldn’t recommend holding your breath.