Will Ferrell Is Now A Dog Plotting Gruesome Revenge

Will Ferrell will voice the vengeful dog Reggie in the upcoming comedy Strays.

By Zack Zagranis | Updated

will ferrell
Reggie, voiced by Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell stars in the new movie Strays as Reggie, an abandoned dog who plots to bite off his former owner’s genitalia. A tweet from the official Strays Twitter account reveals the incredibly NSFW trailer for the new movie. Seriously, do not watch this with your kids or boss anywhere nearby. The hilarious trailer shows Will Ferrell as the scruffy Reggie engaging in lewd sexual conduct with a garden gnome, eating psychedelic mushrooms, and a whole lot of other R-rated hilarity.

Strays is the newest film from the director of Barb And Star Go To Vista Del Mar, Josh Greenbaum. The movie stars former SNL star Will Forte as Reggie’s negligent owner and features the voice talents of Isla Fisher, Jaimie Foxx, and Randall Park as the pooches attempting to help Will Ferrell rob Forte of his manhood. The trailer doesn’t give a release date but does say Strays is coming sometime this summer.

Strays will follow Cocaine Bear as another 2023 offering that features animals behaving badly. The upcoming Elizabeth Banks-directed horror outing follows a, well, Cocaine Bear as it goes around mauling people in search of more drugs. The film is loosely based on a bizarre real-life event. It’s not known if Cocaine Bear attacks anyone’s privates, however, so Strays may very well end up being the more messed up film.

Strays will be Will Ferrell’s first voice acting gig since 2019’s The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part. Ferrell is no stranger to voice acting. The Elf star voiced the title character in the heavily memed Megamind as well as the two Lego movies.

Will Ferrell isn’t the only comedy legend ivolved with the film. Strays was written by Dan Perrault, of Netflix’s American Vandal fame and produced by Clone High creators Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. With that kind of pedigree, it would be hard for the movie not to absolutely kill at the box office.

Hard but not impossible. Comedies haven’t been faring well in movie theaters post-COVID. The genre is routinely outperformed by horror and big-budget blockbuster fare, most likely because both are enhanced by a theater environment. Meanwhile, many movie watchers prefer to watch comedies from the comfort of their own homes where they can hear all the jokes and possibly enhance their viewing experience with a legal adult substance of some sort.

will ferrell
Bug, voiced by Jamie Foxx, in a lot of trouble in the trailer for Strays

Of course, Strays looks like anything but a bunch of talking heads spouting funny dialogue. A lot of the visual humor in the trailer cries out for big-screen viewing in a way something static like, say Clerks 3 does not. One particular sequence the trailer hints at, dogs on magic mushrooms turning animated and becoming puppets, looks like the kind of thing one might regret not seeing in a theater surrounded by other hysterical moviegoers.

Pre-pandemic movies like Ted and Deadpool have proven that high-concept, R-rated comedies can do big business at the box office. Will Strays be the raunchy laugh riot that gets comedy fans off their couches and back to the movies? It’s Will Ferrell trying to bite off Will Forte’s d—, what do you think?