Jennifer Aniston Is Turning Heads With NSFW ‘Nipplekini’

Jennifer Aniston has set the internet ablaze with her Allure cover photo that showcases her in a "nipplekini."

By James Brizuela | Published

Jennifer Aniston is back on social media in a huge way, as she is currently setting the internet ablaze with her cover photo for Allure, which sees the famed actress posing with a “nipplekini” on. While the 53-year-old actress might be looked down on for her new racy photo, we applaud her for going out there and wearing what she wants. We all hope to look as good as her in our 50s.

Clearly, the world has already received word that Jennifer Aniston was showing off some skin in her new photoshoot, as the above tweet from Piers Morgan is only one of a multitude of people talking about the actress. We would certainly not agree with the man about Aniston looking “tacky” in the above cover photo. In fact, we think she is keeping things a bit classy while showing off she can be sexy at any age.

jennifer aniston

Jennifer Aniston is currently part of one of the most popular shows right now, as she co-stars alongside Reese Witherspoon and Billy Crudup in The Morning Show. All three actors have all been nominated for Emmy awards for their performance in the series, which was also renewed for a third season back in January of this year. Aniston is showing no slowing down in her career, and her ability to get people to double take while looking at her.

From there, Jennifer Aniston is set to star in Hail Mary, which follows a former Miss USA contestant becoming a successful sports manager. The movie is currently in the post-production stages, so it would be safe to say that it is going to come out sometime in mid-2023. It is being directed by Michelle McLaren, who previously worked on Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and Better Call Saul as a producer and director.

Jennifer Aniston is also set to star in Murder Mystery 2, which is the sequel to the Netflix comedy that starred Aniston and Adam Sandler as a married couple who are roped into a murder and succession plot. The whodunnit was quite entertaining and boasted an impressive cast, which is going to be the same situation for the sequel which has already cast Mélanie Laurent, Mark Strong, Tony Goldwyn, John Kani, and many more. While she was more revealing about her life in Allure, while showing some skin, she is clearly still on top of her game when it comes to acting.

Jennifer Aniston knows how to market herself, especially when it comes to getting people to instantly start talking about her, which is clearly happening based on the above image that is making its rounds on the internet. Again, though she is 53 years old, she still looks quite good despite the obvious hate she is going to get for dressing in such a revealing outfit. We salute her wanting to be herself always, and wearing a revealing bikini is something that is her prerogative, and who are we to tell her what’s right and wrong when it comes to the clothes she wants to wear?