Harrison Ford Shocks Everyone By Praising Jason Segel’s Private Parts

Harrison Ford stated that Jason Segel has a "nice penis" when he was asked if he knew the actor already.

By James Brizuela | Updated

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Harrison Ford is currently promoting his new series, Shrinking, where he portrays the head of a psychiatry practice next to co-star Jason Segel. While on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Harrison Ford debunked a rumor from Indiewire that he was not aware of Segel before working with him, to which Ford stated he had seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall. When the producer of Shrinking asked Ford what he thought of Segel, he said the actor has a “nice penis.”

Harrison Ford had commented on watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall, a comedy that Jason Segel starred in, where he goes full-frontal nude. Colbert and Ford discuss the scene, as the crowd appears to be mostly silent. We would honestly have been shocked to hear Ford say that too, but at least Mr. Segel can be happy that the legendary Harrison Ford thinks he has some nice private parts.

Stephen Colbert then hilariously asks if Harrison Ford seeing Jason Segel’s penis has anything to do with their show being called, “Shrinking.” Naturally, the entire crowd loses it laughing at such a ridiculous premise. The entire ordeal is captured in the above video and just goes to show why so many people love Ford.

Harrison Ford and Jason Segel star together in the series Shrinking, which is a series that debuted on January 27 on AppleTV+. Segel leads the series as Jimmy Laird, a therapist who is stricken with grief and begins to behave unethically by telling his patients exactly what he thinks. Ford portrays Dr. Paul Rhodes, the senior therapist who runs the firm where Laird works at.

So far, the series is getting good reviews, as it currently holds an 81 percent critic approval rating and 82 percent audience approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The first two episodes of Shrinking were released on January 27, with the third releasing today, and corresponding episodes releasing every Friday. Harrison Ford and Jason Segel are certainly not a combination everyone thought would happen, but it’s definitely one that is going well.

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Harrison Ford also seems to be flourishing in the TV scene, as he also stars in 1923, the hit Yellowstone spinoff. The new series was just renewed for a second season, and we would imagine that Shrinking might also get the same treatment. Ford was rumored to have been stepping away from acting, but it seems he is keener on continuing his legendary career on the small screen.

Harrison Ford is also going to presumably appear one final time as Indiana Jones this summer when Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny releases on June 30. However, he could be appearing in the spinoff shows that are being worked on for Disney+, though this is just speculation.

For now, everyone can see Harrison Ford and Jason Segel in the AppleTV+ series, Shrinking. Also, if you need context on why Ford thinks Segel has some nice private parts, go watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall. We are not saying that this needs to happen, but besides the full-frontal nudity, it’s quite a funny movie.