Wesley Snipes’ Best Movie Finally Getting A Remake, See The First Look

Hulu just released a teaser trailer for its remake of the 1992 Wesley Snipes comedy White Men Can't Jump.

By Jennifer Asencio | Published

Hulu is releasing a remake of the classic Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson buddy comedy White Men Can’t Jump, and the first trailer has finally been released. The 30-second teaser trailer shows stars Sinqua Walls and Jack Harlow in character, bantering back and forth on and off the court. The movie drops on Hulu on May 19, 2023.

The original film starred Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson as basketball hustlers under the premise that white men like Harrelson’s character, Billy, aren’t very good at playing basketball. In fact, Billy is a former college basketball player who makes his living using this con, much to the disapproval of his girlfriend Gloria. To top it off, Billy is in debt to gamblers, adding further complications to his financial woes.

When Billy meets Syndey, played by Wesley Snipes, they make a business partnership, still using the eponymous premise that “white men can’t jump,” meaning they can’t do slam dunks. Through various misadventures, the pair come upon and lose money that they had hoped to set aside for a better life, forging a bond along the way. The 1992 comedy helped put Wesley Snipes in the spotlight and marked the beginning of Woody Harrelson’s transition from Cheers to the icon he is today.

Although Screen Rant reports that much of the cast of the remake is known, the plot details have been scarce. Sinqua Walls is playing a character named Kamal Allen rather than the character Wesley Snipes played in the original White Men Can’t Jump, and the name of Jack Harlow‘s character has not yet been revealed. Lance Reddick of John Wick fame played Kamal’s father Benji, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, with Laura Harrier and Teyana Taylor in likewise undisclosed roles. The movie is directed by Calmatic based on a script by Doug Hall and black-ish creator Kenya Barris.

Wesley Snipes Woody Harrelson
Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes in White Men Can’t Jump. (1992)

All these clues point to this reboot featuring similar characters facing different types of challenges from the original and using basketball as a means to overcome them and bond. The 1992 version saw Wesley Snipes’ White Men Can’t Jump character trying to pull himself and his wife out of a crime-ridden neighborhood as Woody Harrelson as Billy tries to hustle his way out of mob retribution while trying to fulfill Gloria’s dream of appearing on the game show Jeopardy!. The inclusion of Benji and his illness suggests that Sydney and Kamal have different but equally noble motivations.

Music video director Calmatic is at the helm, coming off the success of his previous remake, House Party. His remake of the 1990 Kid ‘ Play jaunt was released in theaters on January 13, 2023, and while critics didn’t seem to like it, audiences gave it 61 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. It remains to be seen if his vision can live up to the Wesley Snipes version of White Men Can’t Jump, or if the two should even be compared, but the teaser trailer hints that the movie will capture the humor and irreverence of its predecessor.

Viewers can catch Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson in 1992’s White Men Can’t Jump on Hulu in anticipation of the remake’s May 19, 2023 release.