Twister 2: It’s Happening As A Reboot

Why Twister 2? Sometimes a movie comes along that just works.

By Rick Gonzales

This article is more than 2 years old

Twister 2

Why Twister 2? Sometimes a movie comes along that just works. For one reason or another, it ends up being bigger than first imagined, filling us with lasting memories that many times beg for more. Twister, the big-budget disaster film, first premiered in 1996, over two decades ago and was one of those films that hit all the marks. It was filled with adventure, humor, and for it’s time, some amazing special effects.

Over the years, despite advances in special effects, Twister has held up. Also, over the years, there was talk of making Twister 2. 24 years later, the discussion rages on about a Twister 2. What exactly would it take for it Twister 2 happen? Who from the original, if any, would return?



At first it was just speculation, but now it seems we’re actually getting another Twister movie. While we’ll call it Twister 2 for now, the new movie is actually going to be more of a Twister reboot.

The news comes from the trades where they say Universal Pictures is moving forward with a Twister reboot project. But there is some hope that some of the original cast and crew could be involved in the redo.


Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt

Twister had an amazing cast and Twister 2 will need one too. The original was led by Bill Paxton, Helen Hunt, Cary Elwes, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Jami Gertz, and Alan Ruck. It told the story of storm chasers who are out to create an advanced weather alert system by chasing down violent tornadoes. Paxton and Hunt play two of the chasers who are on the edge of a divorce, that must work together in order to make the weather alert system a reality.

Sadly, we know right off the bat who would not be coming back for a Twister 2 whether it’s a reboot or not. We lost Seymour Hoffman in 2014 to a drug overdose and Bill Paxton was taken in 2017 by a stroke after he had open-heart surgery. Those are two huge losses, not only in terms of a possible Twister 2, but a major loss for Hollywood.  Losses that should probably shut down talk of a Twister 2. They haven’t though.

For the rest of the fantastic original crew, Hunt, Elwes, Gertz, and Ruck continue to do great work in Hollywood. Hunt, after a brief hiatus from 2014-17, recently concluded a second run on the hit TV show Mad About You. Elwes has never stopped. He has been a heavyweight when it comes to taking on roles, last seen in the remake of Black Christmas and the TV series’ Stranger Things, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and Katy Keene. Alan Ruck has been much more active lately than Jami Gertz, but both continue to work. All of them should be available for the asking to if Hollywood wants to make Twister 2 and have them show up for a cameo.

Given that Bill Paxton was the face of the Twister franchise, though, it makes sense that Twister 2 is actually Twister: The Reboot. Maybe we’ll get a Helen Hunt cameo, but without Bill Paxton the best way to do Twister 2 is probably to start fresh.


Twister 2 Director

The original Twister was directed by Jan de Bont. To his credit, de Bont has directed a couple of big movies to include Twister, Speed and Speed 2, as well as The Haunting and Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life. Unfortunately, Lara Croft was the last movie he directed and that was back in 2003. Jan de Bont is now 76-years-old and in the twilight of his career. It’s unlikely he’d want to return.

Instead Twister 2 is bringing in Joseph Kosinski to direct the reboot. Kosinski directed the underrated Tron soft reboot Tron: Legacy and he’s also the director of the upcoming Top Gun: Maverick sequel. Basically, bringing back classic franchises has sort of become his thing, which makes him a fit for a Twister 2.

Sadly, the original movie lost another key component when screenwriter and author Michael Crichton (Jurassic Park, ER, Westworld) passed away in 2008. Crichton’s wife at the time, Anne-Marie Martin, was also credited as a co-writer on the script. It is unknown if Martin would be part of the writing if it were ever to become a reality. Universal is currently looking at their screenwriter options.

The original writing credits don’t stop with those two though. Early on, Joss Whedon (yes, that Joss Whedon) was brought in to clean up the script but had to bow out due to health reasons. Steve Zaillian (Schindler’s List, The Irishman) was then brought on board until Whedon returned. Whedon then left the project to get married and two weeks into production, Jeff Nathanson (Rush Hour 2 and Rush Hour 3) was brought to the set and worked on rewrites throughout the remainder of production. As Twister 2 moves forward with the reboot, you’d hope they’d at least approach one of those names to be involved.


Twister 2

One thing we do know: the special effects in Twister 2 will be top-notch. The advancements made in that arena since Twister was made back in 1996 have grown by leaps and bounds. Hell, there are probably phone apps that can create better effects now than were available back then.

Of course, the new crew would have their work cut out for them, but recent movies such as The Day After Tomorrow, Geostorm, and Into The Storm have shown what special effects can accomplish with destructive on-screen weather.


helen hunt twister

Actress Helen Hunt had big plans for a possible Twister 2, but couldn’t get anyone else on board. She talks about these plans in interviews occasionally. She wanted to see a more diverse cast in a sequel movie. She also wanted her own character to be killed off. Ultimately, her ideas were rejected.


Who owns it

So, why all this recent talk about another Twister? Twitter went into a frenzy last week when the idea of a Twister 2 was broached and it then became a trending topic.

There were many on the side of a potential sequel but those fanatics who loved the original slammed the idea for many reasons. One being that Paxton and Seymour Hoffman are no longer with us and another that many of the movie’s iconic lines could never be replicated. Here are some of the back and forth.

So, what do you say? First off, how many of you remember the movie and what was your original take on it? Did it deserve a sequel and does it deserve one now? Would the fact that Paxton and Seymour Hoffman can’t be involved deter your thoughts on a potential sequel? Cast your vote.

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