Top Gun 3 In The Works, Release Already Revealed?

By Britta DeVore | Published

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Buckle up for another ride into the danger zone as World of Reel has revealed that there are rumors churning that point to Tom Cruise’s return to his role as Maverick in what would be Top Gun 3.

Tom Cruise Starting Top Gun 3 In 2025?

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While nothing has been set in stone (including any other casting details), it sounds like the push-it-to-the-limit actor is hoping to get cameras rolling on another high-octane flick in 2025.

The source also reports that no script has been penned but that Paramount is very eager to get its hands on another money-making installment in the beloved franchise.

Top Gun: Maverick Was A Massive Hit

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Should a Top Gun 3 go into development, it would come as a surprise to no one, and music to many’s ears.

The sequel, Top Gun: Maverick, zoomed its way into theaters around the world (except for China) during the summer of 2022 to much critical and box office acclaim.

By the time the movie flew out of cinemas, it had raked in $1.4 billion at the global box office, making it almost as profitable as James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water.

Getting People To The Theaters

The sophomore movie was such a success that it even wowed Steven Spielberg who made comments about the title being the savior of Hollywood after the COVID-19 pandemic kept audiences out of theaters for more than two years.

When it comes to a Top Gun movie, there’s no way to experience it other than on the big screen, which is something that audiences recognized as they flocked to the theater.

Judging by the way it was able to get people off their couches and into cinemas, Paramount is undoubtedly seeing big dollar signs at the possibility of Top Gun 3.

Top Gun Cast Returning?

As for a plot, there’s only speculation at this time for where Top Gun 3 could take the story of Tom Cruise’s Pete “Maverick” Mitchell and the other pilots who we met in the second film.

The title tied up loose ends from the first feature as Maverick came to grips with the death of his best friend, Goose (Anthony Edwards), after Goose’s son, Rooster (Miles Teller) became one of the students under Maverick’s care.

By the end of the movie, Rooster and Maverick are as close as can be with Maverick diving into a romantic relationship with Jennifer Connelly’s Penny.

Top Gun 3 Story?

Presumably, Top Gun 3 would pick up after these events, likely showcasing how the bond between Maverick and Rooster has grown.

It could also shine some light on whether things worked out with Penny or if their budding romance fizzled out after the credits rolled.

Finally, we’d expect nothing but an action-packed few hours with plenty of stunt work and the loud buzzing of fighter jets.

Top Gun 3 Plans

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Top Gun: Maverick

Should Top Gun 3 go into production and request that the same director, Joseph Kosinski return, the team would need to wait until the filmmaker was done with his current project, the Brad Pitt-led Formula One movie.

Likewise, Tom Cruise is incredibly busy right now, filming what will become the eighth installment in his uber-popular Mission Impossible franchise.

Nonetheless, it’s almost a sure thing that both Kosinski and Cruise would be up for another Top Gun movie – especially Cruise who can’t seem to stay away from adrenaline-pumping stunt challenges.