Tom Holland Confirms He’s Done With Spider-Man?

The latest comments from Tom Holland sure make it seem like he is done playing Spider-Man and that No Way Home will be his last film

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Spider-Man: No Way Home

No comic book franchise has more speculation and uncertainty around it right now than Spider-Man. With a highly-anticipated new movie only a short time away, there seem to be many more questions than answers about what the future holds for the web-slinger. And Tom Holland didn’t really give much in the way of hope recently that he was in this thing for the long haul. In fact, it might be quite the opposite with the actor seeming to say that he was maybe all but done playing Spider-Man going forward. 

In an interview with Total Film (via Tom Holland spoke about what it meant to have played Spider-Man for these last few years, but also how he sees handing the franchise off to someone else. It seems like he’s actively thought about how he would help onboard a new actor and actress into the part of Peter Parker/ Spider-Man. The comments, while possibly off the cuff, begin to lend some credence to the idea that Holland might not be around forever here. He said, “When they cast the young kid in Spider-Man to replace me, whether it’s next year or in five years, I’ll take it upon myself to teach them about the responsibilities of being Spider-Man…”

While it’s nice to think that Tom Holland would be part of a transitionary process around bringing in a new person to play the character of Spider-Man, the timeline that he gave for that eventuality is a bit curious. Leaving it open to a year from now or five doesn’t sound like a guy who thinks he’s going to be doing this all that much longer. He could have picked nearly any timeline to lay out the hypothetical but chose one that could begin a turnaround sooner than later. 

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This comment from Tom Holland comes on the heels of the revelation that he doesn’t have a contract in place for any more Spider-Man movies after No Way Home. While that, in and of itself, isn’t totally crazy in this day and age of casting, it is a bit curious considering the level of popularity and buy-in in there already is with Holland in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Additionally, with Sony beginning to really build out its universe around characters in the Spider-Man catalog, not having a commitment from the current star could really throw things into flux. 

Tom Holland originally came into the Marvel Universe with a six-movie contract, and Spider-Man: No Way Home will be the last one in the line following, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, and Endgame and then solo movies Homecoming and Far From Home. Between the contract timeline and these recent comments, it just doesn’t seem like Holland is thinking he’s coming back in any meaningful way. 

This is all conjecture, of course, and new contracts can always be right around the corner. Tom Holland and the studio might be biding some time to see what ultimately happens with No Way Home. That latter movie is likely to be a blockbuster of the highest order, though the story could give a real insight into the character’s future if there is one at all. Spider-Man: No Way Home is set to hit theaters on December 17th.