Tom Hardy Just Gave Everyone Excited For Venom 3 Exactly What They Want

Tom Hardy posted a deleted scene from Venom on social media.

By Robert Scucci | Updated


What’s better than a deleted scene from 2018’s Venom seeing the light of day on Instagram? We’ll tell you: Tom Hardy sharing it on his profile as a way to tease that pre-production for Venom 3 is in the works. The deleted scene is a highly amusing pop-and-lock routine and features a distraught Venom/Eddie Brock at odds with his inner symbiote on the way to the hospital. Click the image below to watch the video.

Credit: Tom Hardy/Venom

One of the unfortunate realities in filmmaking is that some of the principal photography meets its demise by being cut from the film. This could be for a number of reasons: the studio being conscious of runtime, a lack of consistency between the deleted scene and the originally intended surrounding scenes, or revisions to the script during production that end up making the scene no longer needed or nonsensical in the context it was originally presented. But we’re glad that Hardy shared the cut Venom clip with us, because by itself it’s a hilarious display of the chemistry Hardy has with … himself.

It’s not easy for an actor to portray arguing with the symbiote they’re hosting while spectators are watching in confusion, but Hardy pulls the scene off gracefully. That’s the beauty of massive productions; there’s always a treasure trove of footage buried in the vault somewhere. And we can only hope that the Venom archives have even more deleted scene goodies to share with loyal fans of the Sony franchise. As production for Venom 3 ramps up, we’d consider it advisable to give Tom Hardy a follow on his socials just in case he’s willing to share more moments with us.

For those in need of a Venom primer, we’ll give you the rundown. There are a number of parallels between Eddie Brock, a struggling journalist in Venom, and Peter Parker, a struggling photographer in Spider-Man. While Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider and uses his web-slinging powers for good, Brock is less fortunate in the sense that his body becomes the host for a dangerous alien symbiote whose reason to be is world domination.

Venom debuted in 2018, and raked in a whopping $856.1 million worldwide. While the follow-up film, Venom: Let There Be Carnage only pulled in $506.9 million compared to its predecessor, it’s still widely considered to be a success. With all hands on deck, and production going underway for Venom 3 we can only imagine that the third installment to the franchise will keep fans glued to their seats upon its theatrical release.

However, we feel the need to bring up Spider-Man as a gentle way to let you down about the upcoming Tom Hardy flick. While Spider-Man and Venom occupy the same universe in a way, it’s highly unlikely that they will cross paths in Venom 3. Sure, it’s a known fact that Sony has collaborated with Marvel on the Tom Holland Spider-Man films, but for the time being, it seems as if the properties will not be crossing paths anytime soon.

One thing we’ve learned time and time again is that we should never say never. While it may take some years for Venom and Spider-Man to cross paths, we can still enjoy the ride as they do their things separately. But while we wait for future developments in the Venom series, let’s hope Hardy is willing to dish out some more blasts from the past in the form of unearthed deleted scenes and commentary that we oh so desperately can’t wait to see!