The Macross Plus Anime Is Coming To America In The Greatest Format Possible

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

Macross Plus is coming to the United States and United Kingdom this fall on Blu-ray. This is amazing news for anime fans and collectors alike because Blu-ray is still the best format, even in the streaming era. Only Blu-ray offers unparalleled video and audio quality, uninterrupted playback, and permanent ownership of content, making it the superior choice over any other physical format or even streaming for those who prioritize the highest standard of home entertainment.

Crunchyroll recently revealed its partnership with Anime Limited to bring the original Macross Plus OVA (Original Video Animation) series and the Macross Plus Movie Edition compilation film to Blu-ray Disc for the United States this upcoming fall. 

Macross Plus Is A Piece Of Anime History

The release will feature the original 1995 film alongside the four-part OVA series Macross Plus. Encased in a special slipcase, the Blu-ray Disc will also include a production book, nine art cards, and an A3-sized “concert promotion” poster. Viewers will have multiple options for language and subtitles, including the Manga Entertainment dub, the Bandai Visual dub of OVA #4, Neil Nadelman’s Manga Entertainment subtitles, and Bandai Visual’s subtitles.

Available On Blu-Ray

If you live in North America, you’ll have the opportunity to pre-order the forthcoming Macross release through the Crunchyroll Store, while fans in the U.K. can procure the Blu-ray Disc from Additionally, a release is planned for France and other European regions with order details to be determined.

Unavailable In America For Years

Macross Plus is a four-episode anime OVA and theatrical movie, released in the mid-1990s. It was a groundbreaking venture that not only continued the storyline of the original Macross television series but also pushed the boundaries of animation technology and storytelling in the genre.

One Of The First CGI Anime

At the time of its release, Macross Plus was a pioneer in blending traditional cel animation with computer-generated imagery (CGI). This fusion was not just an aesthetic choice; it represented a significant leap forward in the technical capabilities of Japanese animation.

Produced by Bandai Visual in Japan and distributed internationally by Manga Entertainment, the series showcased a seamless integration of hand-drawn animation with cutting-edge CGI, setting a new standard for visual storytelling in anime.

A Future Plagued By War

Set in the year 2040 on the distant planet Eden, Macross Plus follows the intertwined destinies of former childhood friends Isamu Dyson and Guld Goa Bowman. Both find themselves thrust into a high-stakes competition as test pilots for rival teams developing the next generation of variable mecha fighters. Against the backdrop of intense aerial battles and futuristic technology, the narrative dives into themes of rivalry, friendship, and love.

Artificial Intelligence Run Amok

Central to the story is the character of Myung Fang Lone, the childhood friend of both Isamu and Guld, who returns as the manager of Sharon Apple, an AI pop star and the galaxy’s biggest sensation. As Sharon Apple’s artificial intelligence evolves, it becomes self-aware, leading to a climactic confrontation where the protagonists must confront their past and prevent disaster.

The Macross Franchise Is Coming To Disney+

As a groundbreaking project, Macross Plus left a memorable mark on the anime landscape, garnering critical acclaim and a devoted fan following. Its innovative use of animation techniques and compelling storytelling set a precedent for future anime productions, and the series continues to be celebrated for its engaging characters, stunning visuals, and memorable soundtrack.

While Disney+ is set to stream nearly all Macross content in 2024, the release of the Blu-ray edition is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. Pre-orders for the Macross Plus Ultimate Edition begin on June 6.