Marvel Keeping Venom Out Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Marvel is taking its time with bringing in Venom and the black suit to Tom Holland's Spider-Man universe.

By James Brizuela | Published

Sony and Marvel may have signed a deal with one another, but that deal could have gone sour on one slight detail: Venom. Initially, Marvel wanted to take its time with bringing in the black symbiote suit for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, though a bit of the symbiote was left in Holland’s world via an end credits scene in Spider-Man: No Way Home. When Sony opted to bring Venom to its own comic universe, that seemed to not sit well with Marvel, as they are now going to take time to bring Venom to the MCU.

Tom Holland has confirmed his role in Spider-Man 4, which is great news. However, it appears that a new deal is also in place that will bring the fan-favorite Spidey back to the MCU for an additional three movies, though it is rumored to not have been signed just yet. With Holland coming back for an additional three movies, Marvel can truly take its time with bringing in the black suit, which is arguably one of the most important arcs in the Spider-Man mythos.

spider-man 4

Venom had its own success staying away from the MCU, which could be another reason why the character has not been brought in to face Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. The first movie was a huge hit, leading to the underwhelming sequel, which still made over $500 million in box office numbers. Tom Hardy is clearly a draw, and fans have been wanting him to come face-to-face with Holland, but it appears that is going to be far off.

Venom 3 is currently in the works, as is Spider-Man 4, but it is highly unlikely that they are going to cross paths yet, despite the end credits scene from No Way Home. What might happen is that Hardy will cease to exist as Eddie Brock in the Sony-built universe, moving his character over to the MCU officially. How this is going to happen has not yet been revealed, though it would make sense considering how beloved Hardy is in the role of Venom.

The infuriating aspect of Marvel taking its time with the black suit appearing in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man universe is that it effectively wastes the cameo of Brock and the symbiote at the end of No Way Home. However, Marvel might have already put some grander plan into place, and the symbiote staying behind was only the first step in the rollout of Brock officially joining the MCU. We would hope that Hardy is going to stay portraying Eddie Brock and eventually cross paths with Peter Parker.

For now, everyone is going to have to patiently wait to see where Spider-Man 4 takes Parker, and if there is going to be a huge Hardy cameo after all. The same can be said for Venom 3, though we doubt that Holland is going to appear in that movie. What could happen though is we get another instance of either Andrew Garfield or Tobey Maguire returning as the Web Head to fight Venom to some degree, which would also be amazing.