A Tom Cruise Fan-Favorite Movie Is Getting A TV Series

The fact that they are developing a TV series for the Tom Cruise movie makes a lot of sense.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Edge Of Tomorrow was released in 2014. The Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt movie is a hit with fans. It holds an impressive 90% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. So where’s the sequel? This question comes up quite often, especially since filmmaker Doug Liman has reportedly already worked on the script and given the movie a title. However, news from the studio on Edge of Tomorrow 2, titled Live Die Repeat And Repeat, has been sparse. Now, Warner Bros is being sued over the release of Matrix Resurrections by Village Roadshow Films. These two companies also worked together on Edge Of Tomorrow. Lawsuits mean a lot of paperwork made public. Now, the lawsuit has revealed that an Edge Of Tomorrow series is in development at Warner Bros.

The big reveal doesn’t come with many details. Will Tom Cruise be in it? Emily Blunt? Will filmmaker Doug Liman be involved? How far along is the new series? None of this is currently known. It’s also unknown how this lawsuit will impact the Edge Of Tomorrow series. What is known is that Warner Bros is working on a series and that it is based on the movie. The relevant section of the lawsuit can be seen in a tweet from Eriq Garner, a correspondent for Puck News, who posted a screenshot. Village Roadshow Films wrote that Warner Bros is going, “to go forward with a television series based on Edge of Tomorrow, another Village Roadshow film.” You can see Section 20 of the lawsuit below.

Clearly, this wasn’t how the studio wanted to reveal that they were working on a series for Edge Of Tomorrow. With the studio not yet talking about it, not much is really known. The fact that they are developing a TV series for the Tom Cruise movie makes a lot of sense. In early 2021, Emily Blunt said that an Edge Of Tomorrow sequel would be great, but that she believed it would be too expensive to make. That take made a lot of sense.

The first movie had a budget of $178 million. It earned back $370 million globally, which would be considered a stellar box office take, except the huge budget for this film made its chances for a sequel iffy. A TV series would make sense as a way to make use of this fan-favorite IP with a lower budget, especially if they worked with new leads. It may be a stretch to get Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt to appear on the small screen for the series, but to be fair, streaming has become a big deal. Maybe that’s something Warner Bros could make happen.

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The Tom Cruise movie used the Groundhog Day trope, where a character dies and comes back in a time loop. This trope has been used in comedy movies like Palm Springs and action films like Boss Level. It recently proved successful in the Netflix series Russian Doll. It would be interesting to see how an Edge Of Tomorrow series used that trope. It would also be great to see the series gain the kind of momentum that was missed on that first movie. For now, all we know is that Warner Bros has an Edge of Tomorrow series in development. Since they haven’t decided to even announce that yet, the project could fall through and never see the light of day. It does mean that the studio hasn’t abandoned the idea of making more in that universe though, and that’s certainly something after all this time.