The Marvels Director Bails On Cast-and-Crew Screening?

By Robert Scucci | Published


Rumor has it that Nia DaCosta skipped the November 8 cast-and-crew screening of The Marvels, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Though the director was spotted at a more intimate Las Vegas premiere on November 7, 2023, she was nowhere to be seen at the Los Angeles cast-and-crew showing that occurred the following night.

DaCosta Says Nothing Was Meant By It

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In DaCosta’s absence, the film’s executive producer, Mary Livanos, introduced the film to the viewing audience.

DaCosta’s representative stated that there was no foul play on her part, and that she was simply unaware of the screening. The Marvels screening was also missing the cast and crew due to the SAG-AFTRA strike, which was resolved that very evening, but stipulated that actors couldn’t engage in studio events until 12:01 am.

While the SAG-AFTRA members couldn’t make it to their own premiere due to union obligations, rumors circulated that DaCosta ghosted the event to celebrate her 34th birthday, and the rumors were confirmed to be true.

Too Late To Attend The Screening


In response to the allegations, DaCosta’s representative stated that the director was only made aware of the screening when she invited her cast and crew members to her birthday celebration. And they filled her in on the fact that the event was taking place that same evening.

In other words, by the time she found out about The Marvels’ second screening, it was already too late, as she was already committed to another celebratory engagement.

The representative went on to say that DaCosta is loyal to her cast and crew, and would have been at the event if only she knew about it.

Taking At Face Value

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If we take this information at face value, the story checks out. If DaCosta had already attended The Marvels’ premiere the night before and went so far as to invite those involved with the movie to her birthday party, then we could give her the benefit of the doubt.

Because inviting the cast and crew who couldn’t attend the event could very well be perceived as an insult. It isn’t something that a high-profile director would do intentionally.

The Marvels Poor Performance

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DaCosta’s absence notwithstanding, The Marvels has been making headlines due to its poor performance on the commercial front with its box office numbers.

As of this writing, the big-budget blockbuster has only pulled in a little over $161 million against its reported gross production budget of nearly $275 million at the time of its writing.

Fans And Critics Responding

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At this point in time, it’s reasonable to assume that The Marvels marks not only the weakest opening weekend compared to any other MCU film. But it’s far-fetched to think that it will come close to breaking even if moviegoers don’t start filling up theater seats.

But don’t let the finances bog you down if you’re an avid MCU fan because The Marvels is faring quite well on the critical front. Though the critical score on Rotten Tomatoes is currently marked at 62 percent, The Marvels has garnered a much more favorable 83 percent when you consider the audience score.

Storytelling And Chemistry

While some reviews criticized the film’s tonal shifts and use of special effects, there has also been an overwhelming amount of praise for the pacing, storytelling, use of humor, and chemistry between Brie Larson, Iman Vellani, and Teyonah Parris.

Nia DaCosta is currently in London working on her next movie, Hedda, which will star Eve Hewson (Flora and Son) and Tessa Thompson (The Marvels).