The New Goonies Project Now In The Works At Disney+

There is a new The Goonies project in the works right now on Disney+. It is going to be a callback to the cult classic 1980s hit movie

By Carolyn Jenkins | Updated

the goonies

Fondness for the ’80s has never been more prevalent than it is now. With the success of The Karate Kid continuation Cobra Kai, it was only a matter of time before more properties started coming out of the woodwork. The newest fan-favorite to be revitalized is The Goonies. Though it is not exactly how audiences would expect. According to Deadline, Disney+ has recently picked up an order for a Goonies-inspired television show. This would not be a direct reboot or sequel. Instead, it is a love letter to the 1985 film. 

Known at this point as Untitled Film Re-Enactment Project, the series revolves around Stella Cooper who returns home after failing to make it in New York. When she returns home she takes up a teaching post and agrees to help three students realize their own filmmaking dreams as they attempt to make a shot for shot remake of The Goonies. The series was created by Sarah Watson who is known for Freeform’s series The Bold Type. Originally the Goonies show was created as a pilot for Fox who declined to move forward with it. Now the Untitled Film Re-Enactment Project has found a new home at Disney+, a network that has a younger demographic that the show could play towards.

The Goonies remains a classic for many fans as it was the starting point for famous actors Josh Brolin and Sean Astin. The film melded action and humor, depicting a group of kids who find a treasure map and strive to find a treasure trove of gold. The Goonies remains a prime example of kid-friendly action adventures that were untouched by time. Despite its popularity, The Goonies never had a succession of sequels like many franchises had at the time. Perhaps this is what makes the story so ready to be honored again.

Although The Goonies never found life again in other forms, this is not the first time the idea of a sequel was discussed. Alum of the film Cory Feldman, was interested in a sequel, though the content of which was never explicitly expressed. Original cast members Brolin and Astin of course are still acting in the industry which makes this a possibility. Though to keep with the tone of the original, they may be delegated to be cast as the parents of the new potential Goonie cast. 

As much as nostalgic fans would not pass up the opportunity to see their favorites back in action, this likelihood seems less and less. The Goonies’ original director Richard Donner passed just this past summer (via USA Today). Up until his death, Donner was interested in eventually making a Lethal Weapon sequel. That responsibility has fallen to Mel Gibson and is slated to appear on HBO Max. 

Instead, fans of The Goonies may need to look forward to the Untitled Re-Enactment Project. Although it is not a direct sequel, the themes still seem to be relevant. The series concept is friendly to the young audience that it is intended for. Themes like being passionate about what you love and bringing people together are resonant and should appeal to a new audience. Audiences can catch The Goonies show when it airs on Disney+.