An 80s Corey Feldman Classic Finally Getting A Sequel?

A Corey Feldman classic might finally be getting a sequel.

By Tyler Pisapia | Published

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Corey Feldman is proving that Goonies truly never say die by teasing a sequel to the 1980s classic despite a myriad of hurdles in its way. 

The 1985 movies starred Corey Feldman, Sean Astin, Josh Brolin and more as a group of intrepid misfit kids who discover a treasure map that sets them off on an adventure to find a legendary pirate’s long-lost gold. Despite its immense success and enduring legacy, no one ever made headway on a sequel, leaving The Goonies to be a mere flash in the pan of 1980s greatness. 

Unfortunately, the likelihood of a follow-up film decreases with each passing day. Perhaps the biggest blow to fans’ hopes came earlier this month when the film’s director, also known for Superman and Lethal Weapon, Richard Donner, died at age 91. Many of the cast have said in the past that they would only reprise their roles if Donner was at the helm. However, despite the better part of 40 years passing since the gang last saw the truffle shuffle, Corey Feldman is still holding out hope for a Goonies sequel in the near future. 


Speaking to MovieWeb, Corey Feldman explained that a conversation with Mel Gibson made him realize there’s still hope. Prior to his death, Gibson and Donner were talking about making an improbable fifth installment in the Lethal Weapon franchise. With Donner gone, Gibson noted that some have suggested that he step into the director’s chair for one more ride with Riggs and Murtaugh.

Corey Feldman believes that the Goonies cast could be persuaded to come back for a sequel provided someone with enough of a connection or love for the franchise were in the director’s chair. That could mean many things such as one of the original cast members stepping up to the plate. Additionally, the original Goonies was co-written by Steven Spielberg, who has a bit of directing experience himself. 

It has been said in the past that, given how much older the original Goonies cast is, they would have to be secondary characters in a story that introduces a new generation of precocious young adventurers who grew up with stories about the original crew. Until that new generation is found, those hoping to get more from The Goonies can track down the 1987 video game from Konami. Yahoo reports that a Goonies game featuring Mikey (Sean Astin) going head-to-head with the newly freed Fratelli family in a bid to rescue his kidnapped friends was licensed by Nintendo as a follow-up story that only released in Japan on the original Nintendo Entertainment System. While it’s certainly not the sequel that Corey Feldman and fans were hoping for, it may be all they get. 

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Despite what Corey Feldman says, the Goonies cast is much older than they were in the previous movie and fans likely won’t be as drawn to the theater for a sequel that only features them as secondary characters to help usher in a new generation of viewers that doesn’t have the same connection to the original. Still, if you grew up loving the original property, any hope to see Mikey and the gang back at it is worthwhile.